Target Event - multiple events... how to choose settings

Just signed up for the free trial. I’m very intrigued but confused by some of the settings. I set my target event date, but the system did not ask me any details about this target event. I’ve used TrainAsOne to set up an adaptive running program and that system asks me for the length of races and my goal time. It uses that info along with my actual running performance metrics to develop my workouts. Does Xert do this?

I will complete a number of different types of rides throughout the year. Sprint, Olympic and Half-Ironman triathlons in addition to some fundraising rides anywhere from 50-100 miles. I don’t typically do cycle-only races. Should I just be adjusting my athlete type based upon whatever the next upcoming event is? Or pick one “A” event for Xert to focus on? Should I account for the fact that I’m a heavier guy (230 lbs) and thus need more power for climbing?

Just trying to figure out how to make the most of this program. I have watched a number of the YouTube tutorial vids but remain a bit confused on what settings I should choose.

From “multiple events” search I found this post from @ManofSteele

You’ll want to setup separate profiles for Running and Cycling.
Also see this article: Training Right For Your Event – Xert (
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FAQs here – Support Home – Xert

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile: