Tapering for nothing

I’m completing my Training Plan and starting the tapering stage. My plan was for a Goal, not an Event or Race. I don’t need or want to taper at the end of the plan. I scheduled the plan to end at a time when I will probably not be able to bike for 4-5 days, so tapering at the end doesn’t work for me. So my questions are:

  • Does tapering at the end of a Goal oriented plan really make sense?
  • Is there a way to tell Xert to not do tapering?


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The simplest solution would be to ignore the map and ride off course. :slight_smile:
For example, ride on Rest days, insert a HIT, or however you want to maintain TL during the taper period and ignore the red dot warnings.

I suppose some users may appreciate tapering prior to their goal if they want to test themselves on that date and try for a BT.
Otherwise, I don’t see a compelling reason to taper for a goal target. :thinking:

Since I already reached my goal watts for a Jan 3rd to March 31st plan, I experimented and didn’t find a way to eliminate taper with a slider setting.
Forecast AI starts a new plan with few weeks remaining but it still tapers the last week.

What I’d like to see is a pop-up when your last uploaded activity indicates you’ve reached your goal watts. At that point does it make sense to stick with the same plan, start something new, or switch to Continuous?
Taper plays into this scenario as well. With four weeks left to the plan and goal/TL target met, that means ramp rate has leveled off and you’re in float mode. No point in tapering, especially if your max hours/week setting leaves room for more.

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Yea, I think I’ll do some “off course” riding.

It would be nice to have a feature along the lines of what you suggest. Perhaps a way to say that this goal is not the end but simply part of a continuous path.

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Yeah - a wee question during setup of the plan (do you want a taper week at the end or not) checkbox type thing would be a good user experience.

These kind of optional choices in general are great from a ‘setup’ of a customized plan perspective.

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What was the original program focus power (and predicted signature parameters)? It looks like you just had a Breakthrough last week, which is great! It’s possible that if your signature increased above where your program predicted, then you’ve essentially achieved your goal - again, this is good!

In your scenario, if you’re not training for anything in particular right now, you might consider re-forecasting a new training program with an even higher Focus power!

I originally was simply trying to increase my TP from about 175 to 185, but that changed (I don’t remember changing anything, so I assume it was something changing in the beta) to following:

But just yesterday my targets changed again (plan ends tomorrow) when I had breakthroughs (+15 TP to 186, -1,1 HIE to 11.8, +21 PP to 625). Now I’m at:

At this point I’m mostly confused by the targets:

  • How can my starting target ever change? At least the signature changed.
  • Is the ending target dynamic, based on what you’ll actually be able to get to with the plan?

Thanks for that feedback. Choosing “Goal” will help increase your target focus power by an amount. If you get a breakthrough during the plan, the system will still help you towards that increase. I think the language in the Forecasted Training summary section should reflect that. We’ll add that change to our list.

The language in the training description shows tapering but technically there’s no taper for a Goal (when you Run Forecast AI, the algorithm doesn’t first plan the taper week back from the target date like it does for Event). We’ll update the text to reflect that.

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