Tacx Neo 2t with IOS and Zwift question

Thanks. I see you have power source as your pedals. I’ve got Garmin vector 3s so could do this. I’d just like to be able to get power and control from the Neo into xert. I’ll give this set up a go. Thanks again for your help!

With regards to the Assioma - you have an Uno or a Duo? If the latter, did you set the compatibility option in the app, i.e. combining both pedals into one signal?

I’ve got Garmin vectors but they are one signal

I think I did have the same problem some time back. Updating the CABLE app and updating the CABLE firmware solved the issue for me.

If you have the power form your pedals available I would follow @guyc setup.

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I was asking Neil :sunglasses:

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Here is my setup.

Thank you!

Tacx doesn’t or cannot make that available on the Neo, because user weight is needed for the virtual fly wheel. That is not supported by FTMS.

Excuse me for misunderstanding you. Perhaps you can explain to Xert why they should implement the proprietary interface, if at all possible. Or that of any other trainer that does not comply…

Which still doesn’t mean Xert has to, but even so, you realize you are comparing Xert to platforms that offer their own contents to distract you while training, all of them having a budget (and related resources) that Xert simply doesn’t have? Xert would compare more to Training Peaks and Today’s Plan - neither have the same functionality, they just offer you a plan to follow in a way and on a platform that suites you best. Xert app / player is depending on BLE FTMS or Ant+ or a compatible bike computer. As an extra service, that is a legitimate choice and it is up to you to either use that, or export your workouts to another platform.

I agree though, can’t believe the best trainer on the market is not compatible with xert.

It was already obvious that anyone’s opinion would not be of any interest to you, least of all from someone like myself, owner of a Neo and only Apple devices.

Good luck with your quest for the holy grail.

True, but Xert is not really to blame. You can’t win them all, I guess :grinning: Besides, it (kinda) works, but with a handicap…

You really are a nasty piece of work, aren’t you? Once again, I wish you good luck - you need it.

BTW, I did not state I’m privy, neither that my owning things make me all knowing somehow. I make due with what I have and I appreciate the hard work people at Xert put into it. You just whine about things you’d like to see otherwise.

Blame? I’m not blaming anyone. Why are you looking for arguments. I’m just saying that xert is the only player I use that cannot connect properly to xert. I think that is strange being that the Neo is seen as a market leading trainer. Not a critisim, just an opinion. Nothing more.

So what? It’s an open forum and apart from the initial misunderstanding, I’m just giving my two cents about whether or not I would be willing to incorporate every feature, impossible or not, anyone would ask for. That’s my right here, unless you think otherwise. You do not agree with what I think, but do not make this about anything other than it is.

I bow to your superior intellect and I should have known better. However, I have not indicated i’m speaking on behalf of, nor am I personally invested in Xert. It’s just that on any platform from any manufacturer or developer, there are always people wishing for something. That this instance developed the way it did, is because of those same people always seem to be feeling they have the high ground.

You may chose to reply again, but I will not.

Sorry I missed this earlier, but I’m not even going to try…

Hey folks,

I appreciate all your enthusiasm for Xert. We all want more Xert in one way or another. :slight_smile:

Xert has been very ambitious. It’s really the only end-to-end platform. In trying to be this, we have to make some concessions. When Tacx commits to supporting FTMS across all their products publicly and privately, we can save a lot of time and effort to support FTMS only. When they don’t follow through, we end up making users unhappy.

We are considering adding Neo support but it will take our eye off what’s most important for a few weeks. It would be best if Tacx just follows through with their commitment. Fingers crossed.