Tacx Neo 2t with IOS and Zwift question

You really are a nasty piece of work, aren’t you? Once again, I wish you good luck - you need it.

BTW, I did not state I’m privy, neither that my owning things make me all knowing somehow. I make due with what I have and I appreciate the hard work people at Xert put into it. You just whine about things you’d like to see otherwise.

Blame? I’m not blaming anyone. Why are you looking for arguments. I’m just saying that xert is the only player I use that cannot connect properly to xert. I think that is strange being that the Neo is seen as a market leading trainer. Not a critisim, just an opinion. Nothing more.

So what? It’s an open forum and apart from the initial misunderstanding, I’m just giving my two cents about whether or not I would be willing to incorporate every feature, impossible or not, anyone would ask for. That’s my right here, unless you think otherwise. You do not agree with what I think, but do not make this about anything other than it is.

I bow to your superior intellect and I should have known better. However, I have not indicated i’m speaking on behalf of, nor am I personally invested in Xert. It’s just that on any platform from any manufacturer or developer, there are always people wishing for something. That this instance developed the way it did, is because of those same people always seem to be feeling they have the high ground.

You may chose to reply again, but I will not.

Sorry I missed this earlier, but I’m not even going to try…

Hey folks,

I appreciate all your enthusiasm for Xert. We all want more Xert in one way or another. :slight_smile:

Xert has been very ambitious. It’s really the only end-to-end platform. In trying to be this, we have to make some concessions. When Tacx commits to supporting FTMS across all their products publicly and privately, we can save a lot of time and effort to support FTMS only. When they don’t follow through, we end up making users unhappy.

We are considering adding Neo support but it will take our eye off what’s most important for a few weeks. It would be best if Tacx just follows through with their commitment. Fingers crossed.

Thanks @xertedbrain I wish tacx would follow through but it didn’t look like they will do so anytime soon. Whilst this doesn’t happen Neo users can’t utilise the player like they can with other platforms. I appreciate all the work you guys do to bring us the best all in one solution there is but bottom line is, surely no 1 priority has to be to enable users to access the platform easily. I don’t want to take time away from vital development but if a user can’t access the player, all the other stuff is irrelevant

@xertedbrain Thai you so much for this. From having difficulties getting the iOS player using npe and zwift on ATV ble, this now works perfectly using ble on iOS and cable npe on atv. So very grateful for this. I’ve now officially dropped my other training platform as Xert gives me everything I need now.


Hallo Armando,

Any news on Xert’s Neo support? Tried the Cable on the Neo [1], quite unhappy due to many drops.

I’m uncertain about FMTS working on the Neo 2T. Somebody any experience with the Tacx Neo 2 and Xert combo?

No problem with iOS Xert on my gen 1 Neo. You shouldn’t need a Cable anymore.

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Thank @guyc. I give it a try this weekend. Wasn’t aware that it should be working…

So, I have a Tacx Neo 2T. I use the Tacx utilitiy to enable blueooth. In my iphone’s bluetooth settings, the Neo is listed as connected. I now go to the Xert IOS app and from the settings tab, try to select “Trainer Control” and I get…nothing. What am I doing wrong here?

You should connect your trainer via bluetooth in the Xert app directly, not the Tacx app. Bluetooth only works with one connection at a time, so if you connect via Tacx, no other app can connect to the trainer via bluetooth… Worth making sure the Tacx app (and any other that may try and access your trainer) is fully closed as well

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I closed out of every Bluetooth connection, and the Xert app couldn’t find any sensor. No heart monitor, no cadence, no trainer control, no power. Nothing. Any other ideas?

Email support@xertonline.com

Thanks again @guyc, it works.

Tacx NEO [1] firmware: 0.2.1 / 0.7.4 / 0.8.4

Apple iPhone 11 XERT App settings; Mode: auto; Intensity 100%
Via the App: Sensors: Tacx NEO bluetooth connected as Tacx NEO xxxxxFTMS for all options

You shouldn’t connect them to your phone’s Bluetooth sensors. They need to be connected via the app. If they are connected to your phone’s list of Bluetooth devices, the Xert app won’t see them.

The time honored tradition of deleting the app and then reloading it worked beautifully and, once loaded, the app worked beautifully too!