Tacx Neo 2t with IOS and Zwift question

Hi, I connect my Neo 2t via cable bridge to Ipad and then log into zwift on my PC (Connect trainer through ANT FEC 0n zwift). All works great. However, PC is old and takes ages to load, update, lags and lags etc etc.

Connect Neo 2t to ipad via cable bridge and log into Apple TV. Xert player on Ipad cannot control the trainer (controllable trainer deselected in xert). Is this due to both devices utilising the Bluetooth connection and the neo’s limitation in connecting to multiple Bluetooth connections. I’m not tech savvy really but thought that as the cable converts the ANT+ signal from the Neo, this wouldn’t steal the Bluetooth connection.

Hi Neil,

Yeah, you wont be able to pair the CABLE signal to two devices, since its converting the ANT+ signal into a BT signal. But you won’t need trainer control for both Zwift and iOS at the same time.
Assuming you’re trying to use iOS and Zwift (via AppleTV) at the same time, try this:
IPad --> Power (Neo 2), Trainer Control (CABLE - Neo2),
ATV --> Power (CABLE Neo2), Trainer Control not needed

HR/Cadence/Power data in whichever data file you’re going to save (iOS Xert or Zwift).


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Cheers, I’ll give this a go

This is still driving me mad. Using the cable device, seem to be unable to get power and trainer control into xert. Does anyone have a screen shot of how they are receiving their ANT+ channels and allocating to BLE out?

I would actually try the following:

IPad -->Power (CABLE Neo2), Trainer Control (CABLE - Neo2),
ATV -->Power (Neo 2), Trainer Control not needed (make sure trainer control is disabled in zwift)

I will try to make a screenshots of my CABLE assignments. I don’t have a subscription of zwift at the moment so I cannot test your setup.

Thanks, I can’t seem to get cable to assign power and controllability. Really weird, as it will control the trainer but show no power, or show power but will not control the trainer. Can’t seem to get it to do both.

Here’s how my Neo is set up, it works well now:

I’m not using an Apple TV, but I would have thought if the Cable is converting Ant+ to FTMS you should be able to use Bluetooth from the Neo to broadcast power to the Apple TV.

Thanks. I see you have power source as your pedals. I’ve got Garmin vector 3s so could do this. I’d just like to be able to get power and control from the Neo into xert. I’ll give this set up a go. Thanks again for your help!

With regards to the Assioma - you have an Uno or a Duo? If the latter, did you set the compatibility option in the app, i.e. combining both pedals into one signal?

I’ve got Garmin vectors but they are one signal

I think I did have the same problem some time back. Updating the CABLE app and updating the CABLE firmware solved the issue for me.

If you have the power form your pedals available I would follow @guyc setup.

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I was asking Neil :sunglasses:

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Here is my setup.

Thank you!

Tacx doesn’t or cannot make that available on the Neo, because user weight is needed for the virtual fly wheel. That is not supported by FTMS.

Excuse me for misunderstanding you. Perhaps you can explain to Xert why they should implement the proprietary interface, if at all possible. Or that of any other trainer that does not comply…

Which still doesn’t mean Xert has to, but even so, you realize you are comparing Xert to platforms that offer their own contents to distract you while training, all of them having a budget (and related resources) that Xert simply doesn’t have? Xert would compare more to Training Peaks and Today’s Plan - neither have the same functionality, they just offer you a plan to follow in a way and on a platform that suites you best. Xert app / player is depending on BLE FTMS or Ant+ or a compatible bike computer. As an extra service, that is a legitimate choice and it is up to you to either use that, or export your workouts to another platform.

I agree though, can’t believe the best trainer on the market is not compatible with xert.

It was already obvious that anyone’s opinion would not be of any interest to you, least of all from someone like myself, owner of a Neo and only Apple devices.

Good luck with your quest for the holy grail.

True, but Xert is not really to blame. You can’t win them all, I guess :grinning: Besides, it (kinda) works, but with a handicap…