Syncing workouts to TrainingPeaks?

I use TrainingPeaks/WKO to track workouts and particularly metrics like weight, HRV, sleep etc.

What’s the best way to get Xert workouts there without manually uploading each file? I’ve tried Tapiriik but that seems broken for Strava to TrainingPeaks. And Xert’s sync to Garmin Connect only seems one-way so that’s not an option.

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If I remember correctly, both Garmin to TP and Strava to TP work. I always had to disable sync from either, lest I would end up with 2 activities in TP. So, Strava to TP should work - if you sync Xert to Strava (or vice versa), you’re set.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to sync from Strava to TrainingPeaks.

I might be wrong, as I (have) use(d) various services and various devices simultaneously. And yes, Garmin to Xert is one way, unfortunately.

Have you looked into FitnessSyncer? See - not sure if you would eventually need a subscription, but you can have a look / try…

FitnessSyncer worked! :slight_smile: Seems to be the only way to do this now.

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Actually the syncing to TP (and then WKO5 for me) is one reason why I do not do many Xert workouts.
For me it means recording the workout on my Garmin and then uploading to TP/Strava. As I normally use my Ipad which is good for everything bar Xert I always forget to take the Garmin into the garage.

I still do not know why Xert cannot link to TP directly. Is it because they have not paid a license fee to TP or is there a technical reason?

TP is a closed system, unlike Strava, Garmin Connect or Xert.

If you record an Xert workout on your Garmin, you can have it sync to Xert, Strava and TP at the same time. Simply authorize each to Garmin Connect. If you have a iPad, you can use our iOS app for a great workout experience. It will sync to Xert and to Strava (if you enable Xert->Strava sync). Many users have GC->Xert and Xert->Strava with GC->Strava disabled. This enables additional data and reports to be uploaded to Strava from Xert.


Armando, you say TP is a closed system, but Sufferfest, Zwift and TrainerRoad all upload directly to TP, so this seem to be a development gap on your side.
Currently my athletes have to manually upload files to TP, this is not acceptable.
I wish I could dump TP altogether, but Xert is still missing some key features for season planning and plan libraries, in addition to direct communication with the athletes, so coaches are stuck in this limbo having to deal with two systems.

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They all have a licensing deal to use their trademarks too which is likely part of their agreements.

We have some new features coming that should help coaches. Send me a DM.

I sync to Strava and then it syncs to TP - problem solved!

Strava won’t sync to TrainingPeaks - you must be syncing some other way (like Garmin Connect) without realising it!

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I always do zwift in the backround when doing xert workouts from my phone i , just take off my trainer from zwift and let xert control it and have my power meter setup as powersource on zwift. And that workout file goes to garmin connect and from there to trainingpeaks , i know a lot of steps but it works and from there i get two files to xert so i always take out the zwift one and keep the xert file there , and both workouts bounce to strava to but i always take one out there to.

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Many of us don’t use Garmin prefer Wahoo , i’ve decided even though still a pain in the arse to run Zwift and turn off the controlable trainer , this lets XERT control the workout .
This lack of compatibilty amoungst the different companies means we have to have multiple systems and spend more money , very annoying .

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That simply doesn’t work i’ve tried it , even though TP says it uploads TCX files it doesn’t if you try the XERT version , no matter which way you turn you’re blocked .

This is why there are so many - they make money. Although I expect that Xert doesn’t make a fraction of the money TP or Zwift does

And, if you are on/use TP for your plan, what’s your reason for using Xert?

I have Garmin connect on my phone set up to sync with both Strava and Training Peaks. When my ride/workout is done on my Garmin Edge 830, it syncs with these two sites as well as Xert. Hope this helps.

If you have a Garmin and use CIQ Xert Player, yes, as most of us know.

Even so, let alone if you have no Garmin, it’s a pain in the butt.

Adaptive Training Advisor , the IOS workout player , the selection of workouts put into Focus types plus i like the whole concept , if they had a TSB and a time in Zones i’d quite TP .

Also getting TP workouts onto Zwift is quick and automatic

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