Syncing workouts to TrainingPeaks?

Quit TP and use for your complimentary needs.

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TrainingPeaks still has by far the best calendar/planner. If Xert’s improved a little bit I’d probably ditch TP.

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So, you’re using a free account or are you really paying $150 (?) a year for the calendar?

I’m not sure what’s wrong with Xert’s calendar, as basically, everything is based on XATA. And that creates its advice based on what you feed it.

I’m aware that some people want to be able to see “everything” at a glance, for instance the hours or XSS for the next 3 months, but when did that ever work out exactly as planned?

And if it did, how’s Xert any less “predictable”. The beauty of Xert is, that you don’t have to think too much in advance…


Yeah I know but I like thinking in advance, I find that part of the fun of training. :slight_smile:

I definitely like to have the next 1-2 weeks planned out in detail. I also like having a high level plan for the season that factors in time spent working on weaknesses, plus multiple races that have slightly different priorities.

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I looked at INTERVALS.ICU very comprehensive but looks like a jumbled mess and i’ll concede this is probably due to lack of familiarisation , if they had a direct upload/download from/to calander to Zwift i’d consider it , i know they’re trying to do that .

I’m not on Zwift, but export (for use on) has been live for a while…

yes it’ll load onto my Mac laptop but not my apple 4K TV or any other mobile device !! syncing to my mobile devices used to work great about a year ago but not now , Zwift told me i had to start the workout on my Laptop and that should then initiate syncing to my mobile devices ( total pain in the arse and it doesn’t work at least not for me ) TP goes to every device instantiously because it has a direct link.

But TP is a closed system. They have no interest in any 3rd party service trying to get access to their API.

They will push, but not pull workouts.

Zwift is another pain in the butt that doesn’t play nice with non-preferred services.

But, there’s a case to be made why these guys don’t want to, so all you can do is apply workarounds, while guys like David keep trying.

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Resurrecting this thread.

Even the JOIN Cycling app syncs workouts directly from their app to TrainingPeaks.

Come on Xert your missing an opportunity here.


Specifically their API documentation is here with this being the API endpoint that others are most likely using, and the FAQ has the links for contacting them for API access.

The API access page does state:

We are not accepting any new API partners at this time, while we do some maintenance on our API systems. If you still wish to apply, please complete the following form, and we will follow up when we begin adding new partners again in the future.

However who knows, maybe submitting a request for consideration and showing the desire is enough to make it happen.

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Yes, but it mentions they are not accepting requests for “personal use”. Not commercial use…

“At this time, we are not accepting any API requests for personal use.”

That’s what it says on the FAQ page. If you click the actual link to request, it states what I posted which covers commercial.

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Looks like xert are too late. Strange that JOIN Cycling got accepted but xert didn’t.

Possibly too late. We don’t know.

Thanks guys. Not too late. Just other higher priority items being worked on.

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