Suspicious breakthrough

Hello, looking for a little advice.

Been out on the mtb this morning with calibrated Garmin PM and HRM. Doing a few 3-5min efforts PP efforts to finish.
Upon uploading I’ve earned a fairly sizeable breakthrough (for me).
The question is, I am very suspicious of these numbers. Should I flag the ride, or do I accept the BT.

During these efforts I may of stood, am I correct to think you shouldn’t achieve a BT with a standing effort.

Advice welcomed from those with the knowledge.

Post the BT report so we can see the chart.
You can always flag a BT activity to remove from sig calc but retain the strain score.

But should I flag it or accept it as a massive BT?

Sure, flag it. If that much improvement is legit, you’ll prove it again soon enough. :slight_smile:
BT report and Previous/Current buttons will show the details.

I had a +50TP BT at the beginning of December and was worried also. I “knew” that my TP was low and I had not attempted a BT for a while. I will say that the system was correct, I was able to handle the workouts at the new level after that until I got sick over Christmas.

A +200PP BT is an absolute indicator that your signature was low, did you by chance change power meters or something of this sort?

That could be it. I primarily ride to xert indoors on the turbo.
This was outside on my fairly new power pedals.

My ego loves the new numbers, but I think I’ll flag it and see if I can reproduce indoors.

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Put the power pedals on the turbo bike and capture both sets of data for a single ride (Garmin for pedals and Xert/app for the turbo) You will immediately see how much variance there is between them and be able to figure which to use.

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Thank you @ridgerider2.

Was this your first time outside in a while or a typical weekly ride you decided to hammer on sections?
It’s not unusual for PP to jump outdoors 100-200 watts if you’ve been strictly indoor training.
If same bike as usual and outdoors is a regular activity for you, it does seem suspicious.
However, the high-power intervals are consistent rathern than obvious errant spikes.
If not a power accuracy issue you deserve the gold. :smiley:

Think your right the first time, this was my first time outside and putting some effort in for a while. Also think there may be a discrepancy between home trainer and outdoor PM.
Numbers are encouraging nonetheless.

Thank you