Suggested training 2 days prior race: too much?

Hi all. I am in the last days of the taper week, have the Freshness bar set to 0. Up to today I was suggested 45min endurance workouts, easy stuff.
Sunday is my race day, 1.5hrs XC. Today my stars turned blue (fresh) and Xert’s suggested workout is SMART - Bring me to life. Isn’t that a tad too much with 36 hours remaining before the race?

I did imagine some short bursts but this one seems a bit hard core. Thoughts?


The Taper warning will appear during a progression, but you are very much in control of how you want to taper. Ideally you want to go green on your event date while maintaining the edge you developed during Peak.
See Taper Phase section in this article –

Thanks @ridgerider2

I’ve modified the Improvement rate from Maintenance to Taper and the suggested training changed. Changed not by much but the VO2 intervals are shorter, makes sense.
I’ll give that article a read.

You’re correct - you want to avoid doing too much before a targeted event (especially an “A” type event).

@ridgerider2 's response is right on. For now, it’s best to manually select workouts during your taper. Ideally you want to do a workout the day (or two) before your event that will allow your training status to be Fresh/Very Fresh at the start time of your event. This allows you to perform optimally without having fatigue in the legs potentially compromising your event.