Struggling to smoothly transition from High Cadence and Power to Recovery interval

During the High Intesnsity sessions I am often struggling to smoothly transition from the high output interval to the recovery part.

As an example today I did “Cheung - Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and you can see after each of the high power intervals I need 5 or so seconds at alomost 0 power to be able to do the recoevery section around 140w for 45 seconds before next high power interval.

  1. Should I be dialling down session until I can go from high power interval straight into recovery?
  2. Will Xert see this happening anyway and try and address it with future sessions?


What model trainer?
What you describe sounds like a trainer response issue as the workout is %TP based with 15 sec intervals and 45 sec RIBs (rest-in-between).
We can take a look if you view activity details, select Share, Public and post the link here.
A simple way to resolve trainer transition issues is switching to Slope Mode and use gears/cadence to hit targets rather than relying on ERG control.

Just to clarify Is it the trainer not letting up for those first few seconds or even surging the resistance up? Or did you just mean you’re so gassed that you feel the need to ‘freewheel’ for the first few seconds to recover?

“Gassed”. It’s not the ERG spiral of death. As @ridgerider2 suggested i’ll make the actvity public and post the link here

Here’s the public link, Xert - Activity | Cheung - Thin Line Between Love and Hate


If I enable Target Watts and zoom in, some intervals things look normal like this one.

However, recovery transition dips on other intervals are not normal.

Perhaps this is flywheel related but it’s inconsistent.
What brand model trainer?

Wahoo Kickr Bike v1. Those transition dips are because I am gassed I suspect. I am just wondering if i need to scale back the “Intensity” or just keeo at it and in time I won’t be so gassed.

Also wondered how much I was missing out by “taking that easy”

Okay, I see. Everything looks good then. You made it through all 5 sets. :+1:
There is no big issue with taking a deeper break when needed if an interval kicks your butt.
Dialing down intensity is an option if you start to fail sets.
If that happens to me I’ll slip into Slope mode and try my best. Sometimes that means skipping intervals in a set but I’ll often achieve the target strain for the day.
It’s similar to outdoor workouts. If the goal is endurance, I’ll try to keep pedaling as much as possible. But with HIT workouts I may be coasting to recover between efforts especially if I am getting gassed.

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Thanks and sorry for not making it clearer that it was me that was “broken” not the app :slight_smile:

My 2 cents would be it’s fine if you need it. But it’s good to train towards trying to keep on the pedals

To me this is like when you top out on a climb and the idea of keeping the pressure on rather than just stopping if you’re trying to keep up speed etc etc

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