Strength training (VBT)

Hi all! I have seen some old threads about how to factor strength training in Xert. Is there any recent update on the best way to consider the strain it creates?

My personal opinion is that it depends very much on the type of weight training you are doing. In the case of velocity based training (VBT) that l do and recommend to everyone it doesn’t interfere with your endurance plan and is even used for some athletes as activation just before a high intensity workout. Ideally it should be performed using an encoder but it’s not essential. VBT is becoming increasingly used by pro cycling teams.

I am not still sure how to quantify the strain of these strength workouts. What l am doing now it’s just to attribute them an endurance Focus and give the 70 XSS so they don’t affect your readiness status.

Hey @Jomavami !

Sorry it took so long to respond!

I remember you had some pretty good results with using weights to activate before a workout session. Great question.

We have a weight-training workout that I created that assigns an equal amount of peak/high/low strain. Mathematically, the greatest amount of peak strain you can apply is roughly 80% of IRM which is about 50/50 peak/high strain. I’ve added this to my planner to account for the fatigue and improvement I’d see from doing leg work. You can of course make a copy of the workout and adjust it for your own purposes. Eventually, I’d like to have a library of weight-training workouts that could be used to either account for the effect of various weight-training sessions or perhaps even used in planning weight-training directly if we can map things out correctly. Would be something pretty valuable if we could in fact accurately quantify strain for various exercises performed in the gym.