SMART workout changes the power bar height after completion

I’m doing my workouts using the android app (XERT EBC) and was wondering why the app sometimes changes the heght of the power bars on SMART workouts after I do the specific step. Below a screenshot as an example:

Welcome Rafael!

Which workout did you do? The intervals are likely to be Smart intervals or there could be some error in the timing of the intervals.

It was the “SMART - One Step Closer”. The intervals were there before and during the execution, just like the next one in the screen shot. The strange thing was that they changed afterwards… The now blue bars were red, just like the next interval in the image.
The whole workout went fine… I was just wondering why they changed…
The link to the workout: Xert - Login

Hi Armando, i noticed the same things with my android XERT EBC. The interval height was changed after it finished.

Is it only something you notice on the EBC power chart?
Does everything look fine on the power chart of the Remote or Session Player during the workout?

@rmatheus – To send a link to a completed workout, view the details, select Share, Public in upper right, then post the link.

I only use the EBC android app connected to the trainer and HR sensor during workouts. I thought the changes were a funcionality of the app to show something I did different… Funny that it doesn’t happen to all steps and all workouts…

Just made the workout public: Xert - Login

Check that your signature is the same on the app as it is on If the signature is different, the workout targets will be different between what the server has and what you see on the app.

If you had the app running after the server updated the signature and you didn’t restart the app, it may have still been using the older signature.

The signature was correct on the android app. Note that de bar height was the same as the red one on the right before and during the execution of the 2 steps before the screenshot was taken. Just after the execution they were reduced.

Note also that I did the interval with the power it was supposed to be done, hence the red line going up and down just like the next step of the image.