SMART - No Time To Cry - Extended Mix - CRASHES connect IQ on Edge 520

As per the title “SMART - No Time To Cry - Extended Mix” causes an IQ exception after the warm up period (about 10 mins in) on my Edge 520 on outdoor rides (not tested indoor). It happens every time. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

There is an outstanding issue with Garmin devices wher datafields that use Background Services (check the app store description) can create conflicts with apps. Check whether you have one installed (other than the Xert datafields) and try and remove it. Also, some 520’s can run out of memory. Try a different workout and see if you still encounter issues. This longer workout may take up too much memory on the 520. Send an email into support if you still need help.

Hi Armando - thanks for the reply. It works just fine with other longer and shorter workouts, just this one crashes.

Likely not the length in term of duration but more relating to the number of intervals.