Garmin Edge 520 / ConnectIQ crashes

I’m using the latest Xert ConnectIQ app on the latest Garmin Edge 520 firmware and the app always crashes (with a black, static screen showing only IQ!) when doing a specific workout - “SMART - Shut Up and Ride”. Either on start of the first “Breathe” interval or whenever starting the workout and skipping the first (warmup) interval.

Is this a bug in the ConnectIQ app and if so, can it be fixed please?

SMART - No Time To Cry - Extended Mix - CRASHES connect IQ on Edge 520 - Support - Xert Community Forum (

There is a new update to Xert Workout Player (Version 3.6) on the Garmin App Store. Could you kindly upgrade your Xert Player and let us know if this resolves your issue?

Thank you.

ah, thank you. Version 3.6 indeed seems to fix the issue, at least when testing without bike and sensors (skipping through the intervals). Will post again if on-bike I still encounter crashes