Sharing workouts

There are three folders for workouts. Standard for the pre-built ones. Personal for those you have created yourself. Coach which I assume a coach has pre-created and will share with you.
I don’t see any sharing of workouts on the forum or like you do in Zwift forums etc.
Is there a reason for that or does everyone find the standard set to be sufficient.

Try workouts from the standard library. They are unlike most workouts you have done before. In general, they are more closely matched to your unique fitness with less wasted efforts. Hard intervals are more likely to be completed.

There is a shared workout library which is a coach community. We often take the best of those and promote them into our Standard Library.

Still very confused on how to submit a workout for the whole coach or open community? Is there a wiki page somewhere?

All workouts are curated and approved by Xert before they can be downloaded from the library.
See: New Workout Designs Wanted!
When Xert first started out there was less than a 100 workouts and at one point they asked for submissions. However, now there are over 300. IMO that is more than enough to handle any situation. More importantly all you need do is select from suggested workouts based on your training phase, rider type, improvement rate, and goals.
You can jump outside the box on occasion by using the workout filters or add your own personal variations.

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Thank you!

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