New Workout Designs Wanted!

Have a great workout that you’d like to share? Is it named after a great song?

(Did you know that the workout Smart - Hurt is named after a song by Nine Inch Nails, from the album Downward Spiral and that is similar to SF’s Downward Spiral workout? It also hurts!! Cool, huh?)

Submit your workout by simply adding SHAREME in the workout description at the end and saving it. It will automatically be picked up by the system and saved into this coach community:

To join the community and check out all the shared workouts, click here:…/shared-workout-community/join

Well pick those workouts that meet our stringent criteria for inclusion in the Standard Workout Library:

  1. Designed to be universal. They should avoid using %TP or absolute wattages and should work similarly for nearly every signature combination.
  2. Not too Difficult. Workouts with 5 star difficulty are not generally useful by most athletes.
  3. Efficient. Long easy intervals where MPA is fully recovered should be av oided.
  4. Use Xert’s Dynamic Power and Duration intervals effectively.
  5. Interesting and unique compositions.
  6. Named after a great song.

Actually this is one area that I find the current library of workouts lacking, being rides with a high XSS : Difficulty ratio. For instance x minutes at 90% LTP which is an ideal outdoor workout. I have such workouts in my personal library and XATA selects a lot of them.

There are workouts titled: Free Ride - Endurance which are done at 85% of LTP, but instead of just 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours it would be nice to see them in 15-minute increments.


Off topic but have you listened to the Johnny Cash version of Hurt. Much better than NIN IMHO


but you stop when ever you want. So for a 1.45 ride you choose 2h and stop 15min before it ends. Whats the fuzz?

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That approach doesn’t allow me to plan out the calendar.

Well, I use to recon the behavior to old habits. Once you go Xert you must let go of the old way of thinking. Sure you can plan but how often do you have to change the workout anyway because of lots of things.
My advice is to put in those wo you want even if they are 15 min longer especially on aerobic work that doesnt matter much.

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