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Hello to all.
I am new to Xert. Have done over 6,000 km this past season at 63 years old. My highest TP was around 240 in the middle of August according to Xert after syncing my Strava rides. It is now at 207. I am set up as a GC Specialist, Moderate-2, TED is April 7th, 2023. I did a session yesterday with one other participant.
So I would like to know what do the following mean:
Compliance…Toughnesss…blue colored stars.
Session Summary


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See this thread for details –
Open session results - Training - Xert Community Forum (

Blue stars indicates your form is Fresh. One star reflects your current training load.
Details here – Training Status and Form – Xert (
Or this summary – The stars: training status and form – Xert (

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Thanks for the links.
Hopefully I will be able to understand the explanations.