Open session results

New user so hope you can help.
I did an open group session yesterday and thought that i was first over the line.
When i downloaded the file it showed i was 2nd and i could see different icons to the right which are explained on the file.
I dont understand about the toughness only showing me %43 in the red.
Ive tried looking through help pages but cant find them.
Hope this makes sense.

A group session is a workout ridden by any number of of Xerters at the same relative intensity.
We may have very different fitness signatures, but we can ride together as a group.
For example, TPs might range from <200 to 300+ but it’s a no-drop situation. :slight_smile:
There isn’t a winner per se, but a session report will show stats for compliance, XSS, and toughness relative to individual signatures, training status (star count), and form (star color).
Compliance indicates how closely you matched targets for the duration of the workout.
In addition, you may earn a badge for highest XSS, watts/kg, toughness, and fat burned.

You can download a Session Report by viewing the activity and tapping the SessionReportIcon
icon next to Cycling Session Summary.
For example –

During group sessions you can tap the leaderboard columns icon to filter and sort by a variety of different metrics such as XSS, Difficulty, Relative Intensity (relative to fitness signatures), Cadence, Distance and more. Distance is a likely indicator of who’s ahead/behind had we been riding the same workout solo outdoors.

Low intensity endurance workouts lend themselves to participating in group chat.
HIIT workouts tend more towards an occasional “ugh!” or a reminder to “drink!” during RIBs.
On particularly tough workouts you may also generate a BT (breakthrough) that will update your signature values. BTs are often easier to achieve in a group setting similar to what occurs during a ZRL event or group sprint effort outdoors.

You can create your own group sessions and limit them to team or club members. Or setup an impromptu ride buddy session on a rainy day. Your ride buddies don’t need an active Xert subscription to join your session, but you may want to nudge them in that direction. :wink:

Reference –
Starter Guide: Xert Sessions – Xert (
How to Create Group Sessions – Xert (

Tariq’s review –
First Look: Xert Indoor Cycling Group Sessions - YouTube

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Thanks for that .
Ill get my head around it.
Why is my toughness in the red and so low.

Toughness is the ratio between the difficulty in the workout and your overall training load. For easy/shortish rides for someone at 3 stars, seeing a low number is expected. Once the intensity goes up with longer duration, you’ll want to see Toughness get above 100%. Those with one or two star Training Status will find that easy but those with higher Training Status may find getting above 100% quite challenging.

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Thanks for that…