Sensors disabled after workout on Garmin Edge 520 plus

Does anyone else find that once you complete a workout on Garmin using Xert workout player, either indoors using remote player or outside, that all the sensors need re-enabling, its a bit inconvenient as i have to stop riding and turn them all back on so i can see data again. is there a setting i haven enabled somewhere?


Have an 820 but yes, same issue here, but not always. It’s only after I save the workout, so if I want to keep riding after a workout, I do so without ending the workout.

Usually when I restart the Garmin (ie at the start if a ride) the sensors are re-enabled, but that’s also not always the case, which is actually more of a pain…

I raised it with support a few weeks back and they said it’s a limitation of working with Garmin / beyond their control unfortunately. Never bothered writing to Garmin.

I am experiencing the same issue every time with my 520 plus . I wasn’t able to resolve this

I haven’t noticed the issue on my 1030.
To replicate the issue do you save a completed workout in the middle of a ride then close the IQ app and try to do something else?

Same problem here - Edge 520 plus

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Same problem here, it disables the sensors on my Edge 530 after every workout on the Xert player.

It’s happening on my 520 plus too. Very annoying.

Same here. Edge 530, version 5.50.

Should I be able to replicate this issue on my 1030?
@wescaine notes “if I want to keep riding after a workout, I do so without ending the workout.”
That’s the way I always ride workouts on my 1030 whether indoors or outside.
Is that why I have never experienced the problem?

Have you managed to narrow down the cause of this issue following the garmin update? I still have this issue, and everyday I have to manually enable all of my sensors because after using the xert work out iq connect app, all my sensors are turned off.


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Any update on this issue? I’m encountering it on my 530 too.

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I had the same thing happen to me twice now but here’s the thing I wasn’t doing Xert workouts.

Hit this as well. Not sure if it’s related, but after that I had to expressly start all normal rides as well, so it might affect some other settings.

Newbie here, but did first “Player” ride yesterday as a test. Realized it wasn’t helping me much and denied access to other screens so ended. Garmin 520 froze, wouldn’t do anything. Had to do a Hard reboot, not even power button working. Glad it was just a recovery ride and not something important or time crunched.

Experiencing the same issue on a Garmin 1030. After an Xert workout is completed all sensors are disabled.

Same problem here on Edge 820, all sensors disabled after Xert workout.

Still a problem running 520+ v.5.60. Finding the SMART workouts very good I am willing to endure this issue for a while but I really would like spending most of my available time doing my efforts.

Is 6.0 available for the 520+? Install that and start over. When 6.01 or any next version comes out, repeat.

(To be clear: I stopped using my Edge for Xert workout (player) - some fields, like TTE/TTR and MPA, MAY continue to work for a little longer, but also those will eventually break. On the bright side: you no longer need to ‘start’ your workout 5 minutes in advance, to allow for the fields to update. This will now be done mid ride, if you forgot it before you left. Provided you have your phone with you)

It happened to me on my Edge 520+. Both HR sensors were disabled after the workout.

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Also seeing this on my 830. I accidentally exited the app mid-ride and had to stop and re-enable power, speed, and heartrate sensors.