Sensors disabled after workout on Garmin Edge 520 plus

This is so still annoying me, but it appears I just found accidently a hack to reenable all sensors in one go. If you startup another connect IQ app, e.g. Komoot it reenables all sensors at once. Looks like xert workout player keeps running in background untill killed by a new app?

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Interesting - I might try this. Also, I understand this is an issue with Garmin and Connect IQ, not Xert, so raise it with them as well.

just reviving this 2 year old convo…has anyone found the cause or a real workaround for this issue? I’ve got it on my 1030…

@xertedbrain: any idea when this is going to be solved?

Unfortunately I have not heard from Garmin about this. Our app doesn’t run when it’s not loaded so the error needs to be fixed on Garmin’s side. If you’re training indoors, best to use your mobile phone where possible. It’s a superior experience and far fewer issues.

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Glad to know it was not just me. I’ve long since switched to the Android or Apple EBC app, far better for indoor riding.

This happened to me yesterday.

I couldn’t figure out why my 520 was failing to find my power meter and heart rate monitor, then noticed it was disabled.

I am also using a Garmin 520 with the Xert Connect IQ app and my laptop open to the workout player. I don’t really want to use my mobile phone.

Another issue I have with the 520 is that it registers Xert trainer rides under my outdoor profile even if my Garmin is set to my indoor profile at the time I start the Xert IQ app. This is annoying because it tries to attach GPS. I haven’t fully explored whether this is user error or a mistake in the app, but it’s driving me nuts.

Xert is designed as a dual device platform (phone app + browser on PC/laptop/tablet).
Many more features and ease of use with EBC app on iOS or Android especially for the superior indoor workout experience.
Save the Connect IQ for outdoors if you plan to attempt workouts outdoors. However, the other option is free ride to focus type using the Connect IQ data fields.

Its a limitation of Garmin ConnectIQ, unfortunately. Even though you’re using a CIQ app, the Garmin still uses whatever profile is selected. Try switching to an indoor profile before launching the workout player app if you don’t want GPS data.

Before tonight’s ride I made sure I switched to the indoor profile, but it still recorded the ride as an outdoor event. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a little annoying. I really like how the ConnectIQ integrates with my head unit otherwise.

If it’s about GPS, from memory there is a setting in the garmin player (on your garmin) to turn gps off / on. (May have changed as it’s been a while since I used it - also got sick of reconnecting sensors)

Actually turning gps off is still mentioned here

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Ah. I’ll try that. I thought you meant to turn the GPS off in the Garmin profile. I’ll take a look at the ConnectIQ app sub-menu and see if I can do it from there - much less of a hastle.


Hello, I have the same problem with Xert EBC on Karoo2.