Segment hunter with strava today

I opened the ride I did yesterday evening and I dont get “Segments” on the drop down box (even though I have a segment from the ride starred and appearing in the Segments page on Xert). Is this only appearing for new rides?

I do see “Laps” though which is a welcome addition. Will laps now also record for Xert’s structured workouts, or just when the cycle computer records a lap (in my case I auto-lap every 5km)

Done all of this and it doesn’t work.

I wonder if it’s a Google Chrome issue.

Sorry if this is a noddy question but where is “View on Strava”?

I just tried it on Firefox nd it doesn’t work with that either.

By the description

Here’s what I did —
Prep: Signed up for Strava Premium 30-day trial first (since I don’t currently subscribe).

  1. Started Strava on my phone.
  2. Located a past ride marked Difficult that I wanted to enable some segments on.
  3. Opened the segments in Strava and starred them.
  4. Opened XO on my laptop. located that activity to view details, Advanced Stats tab.
    View on Strava appears under Description to indicate that activity is synced with Strava.
    Stats for starred Segments in Strava are now shown to the right of the map in Xert where I can click on one to view details and zoom in on the map/chart for that segment.

There are other enhancements to activity details. Make sure you have Advanced Charts enabled under Account Settings, Personal Info.

I have tested on Edge and Chrome on Windows 10 without issues.

Yes that’s exactly what I did apart from the fact that i’m already a strava premium member. The top image is Mike Woods, the bottom is mine. You can see it is not working for me…

Ok I dont see “View on Strava” for most of my road bike rides (presumably) as they are uploaded directly from my linked Hammerhead account.

For rides recorded on my old Garmin that I have to USB download into Strava, that then sync across to Xert, I do indeed see the “View on Strava” and the Segments drop-down appears.

I guess the question is, where an activity is uploaded directly (e.g. from Hammerhead device), and is also uploaded to Strava, you then get the “duplicate” activity warnings, but the link to Strava is not made? Do I need to delete the ride that was uploaded directly and re-sync from Strava?

… editing entry - I see this disconnect has only happened the last few rides. Possibly coinciding with connecting my Hammerhead account to Suunto (though may be unrelated)

This did the trick for me. Thx!

all my are saying view in garmin, how do u change it? very annoying, grrrr!!!

Here’s the help tip (?) for the Breakthrough Effort entry –


Not having any luck with this. Disconnected and reconnect strava and garmin. Have sync’d both. Recculated fitness profile and my initial training load has changed and my last two (bronze)Breakthroughs have changed to fake throughs. Not a happy bunny

Try deleting a recent activity and then using to sync it. Make sure you have Strava Premium and have segments starred.

The other way is to download the original fit file. Delete the activity from both Xert and Strava and re-upload to Xert. Make sure Xert->Strava is set.

Xert has to have the reference to the activity on Strava.

Should add ‘and 6 months under doctor Ferrari’s supervision’ to that tip.

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It should be a realistic estimate for every segment, although if it’s not, point them out and we’ll look into why it may not be. … but you’ll be surprised how much faster you can go if you go all out.

Think the problem for is activity view is saying garmin and not strava. Any idea how to change it?

That’s the problem. There are no estimates.

Aha you must have changed something as its now working.