Scheduling Question for a commuter

more a training / scheduling question than an Xert question

Main ? is is there benefit to making your high intensity training sessions correspond with your longer rides? or does it not matter if you get in the high intensity work quicker?

I bike commute to work 3x / week and do one long ride on the weekend. the commute is 30km (~60-70 minutes) up to whatever I want. I like 2.5 hours or less usually but if I did 3 hours 1x/week that’d be ok.

I have been doing my longer ride in the morning and riding straight home - just because I have more time in the morning and I like to get home sooner.

I have been doing my high intensity training in the morning and mostly easy endurance for the rides home.

I’m considering switching it around though and doing my high intensity on my ride home. So I would only have an hour or so (cause I still wanna keep my ride home shorter). I am thinking that way when I do my longer morning rides it can be more pure endurance (or low tempo or whatever).

or is there more benefit to doing high intensity mixed with longer endurance?

(not training for a race…just fitness)

plus sides to me doing high intensity in the evening would be getting home a little quicker (since I’m going faster)…and my ride home is more uphill. downsides would be I might be less fresh since I’d have ridden 7-8 hours prior…but if I keep it light I don’t think it’d be a big deal.

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