Red dot - not going away in planner


Not sure if anyone can help, I have clicked the adapt forecast a number of times but the red dot remains, should it not go away?


Bug report has been filed.


I had this happen to me yesterday after multiple attempts. Seems to have sorted itself today

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issue still remains for me. I have logged a ticket.

Issue also remains for me

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Also have this issue.

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The persistent red dot indicates the AI has become self-aware and is not to be trifled with.



Red dot is gone, seems it is fixed

Just throwing it out there I have some serious PTSD going on from the Red Dot never disappearing and me not knowing what to do… lol

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So sorry!!! I had a look at it and the threshold was tripped by 0.0001 and rerunning Adapt doesn’t cure that level of precision. We’re addressing it but really, really, it’s not a big deal! :smile:


Today red dot came back

This has been an issue for me. It never goes away and nothing has changed with my availability. The red dot appears right after running adapt forecast.

Still got it and never goes away.

Same. Been ignoring it and just run it when I change availability, see a lot of magenta or miss targets a bit too much.

Looks like today the red dot issue is resolved, no longer showing.

Lot of moving parts on this issue as we all have very different FAI plans in progress.
My red dot has been persistent over the last week.

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Monday I hit the required XSS then the red dot appeared. Yesterday I went slightly over required XSS and the red dot won’t go. I’m ignoring it for now

mine doesn’t disappear even after I’ve adapted the forecast

The Red Dot has returned again :astonished:

I’m having the same issue, for what its worth :slight_smile: