Recommended training under TRAINING vs under PLANNER

TRAINING suggests 1hr recovery 40XSS. PLANNER suggests 3 hr endurance 186XSS. Why is this?

hi, I believe you are comparing advices related to two different timestamps. As I understand it, the “Training” is associated with “now”, so in this case 08:36, while the “Planner” uses your default “Training Status/Advice as of” which is set in the “Goal” tab. Your “Training Status/Advice as of” is set to 23:59, so there is a difference of more than 15h between the two advices. @08:36 you are “very tired”, @23:59 you are just “tired”


Thanks. In that case it would be an improvement if one could as the planner to suggest a workout at a given time.

You can do that by opening the day on the Planner (tap/hold/release on a phone), change Activity Time at top, tap Show Workouts and recommended list will change to reflect form calculation for that time of the day.

My As Of time is also set to the default of 11:59 pm for advice as of end-of-day.
If you regularly train at the same time each day you could change the As Of time under Goals.

The Training page always indicates your form status and associated recommendations as of right now. If you leave the Training page cached on a PC/laptop (like I do) you should refresh the browser page to ensure the advice is current.
When viewing the Planner on a phone I also find it easier to switch to landscape mode with desktop view enabled on the browser.


Thanks! It all makes sense now. I have always generated workouts in the planner without adjusting the time, just by clicking the “v-button” in the calendar overview.