Recommended interval watt after the update

Before new layout there was a recommended interval power number you could then copy into yr datafield for outside riding focus. It would eg recomend you did 261w intervals. With current design there no longer is a recommended interval power, but xss divided in low mid high power. How do you translate this to outside free riding? Is there a new datafield ro be expexted to guide outside ridi g? I loved this way of riding outside

Hi Bruno,

Have you tried using the new AI-Generated workouts feature? It should provide a workout with specific intervals designed to help you achieve the training recommendations for the day.

Hi scott i use it for inside rides and use it a lot, its great. But for outside rides i dont do structured (traffic, lights) so it was great to get a recommended target wattage for intervals, put the numbers into the datafield and then use that+ time to recover datapoints outside. Also current recomendations split between low/mid/high xss, there is no datafield that shows that split so im curious how the new layout will impact my outside rides where i dont do structured, but i do 'monitor" my efforts against the xert recomendations - if this makes sense.

Buy yes AI for indoor is super - when prescribing ftp 125% and up, giving option to replace the low intervals xith xssr, even if only first 15sec would be good, so you can catch a quick breath (and therefore go all out during hard intervals) after 15 sec the low interval is ok, but that first couple of sec i tend to lose my cadence to catch breath.

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I elaborated on why we don’t initially have L/H/P XSS split on a data field in this thread:

It’s an interesting thought… I’ve already pondered about Mixed Mode w/ Target MPA recovery intervals too… So many interesting directions we could go with the AI generated workouts feature! :slight_smile:

For now, you could generate a workout & then replace the rest intervals with XSSR intervals… just a thought! If you export the workout, XSSR turns into a ramp - best to do any SMART intervals with the EBC app :slight_smile:

Hi scott, i initially took on xert for last years winter season, but then during summer discovered that the datafield and focus datafield, adding a clear training guidance to an otherwise « free » ride were -to me- actually even more compelling then the indoor features. If i lose the ability to have xert guide my outdoor focus, without doing a strict WO (traffic, lights, pedestrians,…) xert is in a way killing its added value for my outside season. So i do hope youll consider how xert can still guide riders during an outside ride without forcing a strict workout. I agree L/M/H progress datafield doenst help saying what effort will add to L/M/H an so all of us will probably use our first rides to « find out » what HR&power add to the L/M/H, but please dont neglect the USP of xert for outside free riding - and combined with xert segment hunter, id actually even select those sections (5km, 10km, 1km,…) that were best aligned to the day’s needs. Super motivating, adding a playful element to any ride.

And tx for your suggestions! I ride with IQ app on garmin edge and remote player on ipad - that garmin iq support smart no?. Replacing rest intervals with xssr is a good thought ill keep in mind for the really hard sessions thanks for that, but its too much fuss to do for each WO if you do them every other day. In that case id prefer a toggle « define rest intervals as %LTP / XSSR » im spoiled, i admit :slight_smile:

And for completeness: i export them because when riding/recording with garmin iq app, the WO is not embedded. I monitor my trainings with
Intervals can extract WO out of fit file if its embedded, but it isnt with xert iq. So i export the wo into intervals and then pair the xert iQ recording witht that export so later on i can compare the actual ride to the planned WO design (honestly is the best platform out there for planning and post analysis, its actually rather complementary to xert not competition, such a shame your plaforms arent integrated with api like trainerroad, garmin, zwift,…are)

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Target watts was/is a power number to consider when free riding outdoors to a Focus Duration point.
For example, if today’s Focus is Climber, that is your 10-minute power.
Hover over that focus duration point on your Power Curve chart to see the rough target watts.
For HIIT level workouts that number should be considered a baseline. Riding above it is fine. The number is more a cap for endurance level workouts.
With Autogen the workout interval targets are tailored in this fashion tied to your current signature. The “simple” workout format created is suited for execution outdoors whether you download to your head unit or memorize the pattern and ride to it.
Or you can continue to free ride with similar results by entering an appropriate target watts into the TTE field and monitoring Connect IQ data fields (Focus, TTR/TTE, Difficulty, XSS).

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hi Ridgerider, thx for the explanation, this helps, appreciated.
if i understand correctly: we will no longer get a “number” to target (and enter into the datafield for our ride) but we’ll see a “focus category”, like GC, endurance, climber, etc,… we then have to look up what that means in term of duration eg GC = 8min, climber = 10min, puncheur=… then we go to our powercurve to look at the watts associated with that length of time, to then add that number to the datafield for an outside ride, so yes, it can still be done, didn’t think of that method yet.

But I do hope the xert team will spend some time to brainstorm if this is the best method to support free outside rides, because I kind of feel it is a step backwards from before, and i think, especially with the new launch and L/M/H, xert are sitting on a great opportunity for outside riding as well. and again: i love the autogen for indoors, and how it suggests a ride tailored exacly to the needs of the day, i’m sold on that.

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