Questions about adaptive training and fitness tests

I’m either doing something wrong or don’t understand an aspect of Xert…

Some background: I’m been using Xert for the past 2 months with a smart trainer. Prior to that it was all outdoor riding a HR monitor but without a power meter. When I started Xert, I had it estimate my fitness signature from HR data. The workouts all seem fairly easy, even 3+ star workouts barely get my HR out of endurance zone while Xert is saying my power is over TP. My assumption is that my fitness signature is off because it was estimated from HR data.

Here’s where I get confused. I thought Xert would eventually figure out that my fitness signature was too low through my training data. I’ve even seen things that say I don’t need to do fitness tests because Xert will figure it all out.

It seems like I need to hit breakthroughs in order to refresh my fitness signature, but Xert never recommends a workout that comes close to a breakthrough. Even if it did, I’m doing my training on “auto” mode, which would never set my wattage above what Xert thinks I’m capable of.

Now I fee like I actually do need to do a fitness test to force a breakthrough. I did “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 2” and got a breakthrough of +300 PP but no real change to FTP, since it didn’t really push FTP in the test.

I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong that breakthroughs aren’t happening in regular workouts. Do I need to get off Auto mode and choose my own wattage (instead of the recommended) to get an FTP breakthrough??

Yes, you want to manually select a BT workout and ride it in Slope mode, exceeding targets where able (without blowing up), then spin up and go all out (for at least 5-7 seconds) on the interval(s) designed to drive you to failure point, right before you are about to collapse (:grimacing: to :sob:).

XATA will warn you (below your name on if you haven’t generated a BT in over three weeks. Some users generate BTs while training due to ZRL events, group ride sprints, or maximum crest-of-hill efforts. For the rest of us :slight_smile: you want to select a BT workout on occasion to force the issue. Search the Workout Library for “fitness test” (in quotes) to locate the default BT test workouts.

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Thank you! Makes sense :slight_smile:

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