Question about training advisor

Currently 3 stars and tired. Improvement rate set at moderate 1, profile is climber and Xert is telling me I need 12+ hours per week compared with 10.9 now.

Is there a way I can fix the number of hours per week available and have Xert instead modify the intensity of suggested workouts to achieve the necessary XSS and/or strain targets?


Not at the moment. You can indirectly control the amount of hours by adjusting the Improvement Rate and seeing the projected weekly hours change.

Alternatively, you can filter by your available time each day that you train & Xert will recommend the top workouts for you that fit in your available time.

That being said, we have some ideas on how we can improve this in the near future :shushing_face: :smile:

Thanks for replying. I find that changing improvement rate to say maintenance or taper does cut the weekly hours, but also affects TP targets. So would be great if the system could adjust intensity upwards if hours decline, or vice versa.

Indeed, would be awesome if we could get more granular feedback on training needs besides an XSS target, say feedback that you’re doing too much LSD and not enough high/peak strain or something along those lines.


Ultimately your training (and improvement) is governed by XSS - to be more fit, you need more strain… it doesn’t necessarily matter the time spent on the bike, but also what you’re doing (e.g. intensity). XSS quantifies all that into a single value.

  • Athletes with a shorter focus duration (Sprinters, Pursuiters, Puncheurs, etc) will find that they’ll accumulate XSS at a faster rate in the late build & peak phases, since high-intensity workouts often generate in excess of 100 XSS/hr, so they might be okay to continue with a higher IR and not see weekly volume increase a lot.

  • On the other hand, athletes with long focus durations (Triathlete, Century Rider, etc.) are pretty much capped at ~70 XSS/hr, since all their training recommendations are typically sub-TP endurance. For these athletes, there isn’t much else to increase their training load other than adding more time… substituting some high-intensity in place of more time may help a bit.

As I mentioned we have some ideas on how to improve this!