Problems with Training Status & Form / Workouts

I was wondering if anyone’s having the same problem as I do: my Training Status & Form is suddenly set to ‘Untrained’ and ‘Very tired’, even though I have uploaded three activities in the last two days (besides all the previous activities). This can also be seen in the Fitness Planner.

There also seems to be a problem with the workouts, as all of them now have the same focus (Endurance (3+ Hour Power)).

Has this changed recently for you or was it always like this?

Immediately after my two activities last Sunday. These activities are the first ones I recorded with the Xert Mobile app, by the way.

Had a look and did a progression recalculation as your PP had gone below your FTP. We’ve since adjusted the code to prevent this from happening this appear to be a lot better.

Thanks, Armando. I am surprised to see my TP being about 10 watts lower than before, though.

This was because you PP was underestimated. You should make an effort now and again to express your PP. It will help keep your FTP honest.

Bummer! I never took sprinting into consideration when training indoors, completely focused on increasing my TP and endurance. Guess I’ll have to reconsider my future workouts. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Armando.

I am having some problem with mine. It says “Untrained” and “Very tired” even though I’ve ridden an average of almost 90 minutes per day this year with no extended break, including the past few weeks. That’s nothing special, but I don’t think it’s “untrained.”

There appears to be an error in how your My Fitness page is determining your Training Status as of now. Your calendar data looks normal. We’re looking into it.

Yeah I have the same issue from time to time - it typically happens after I perform the “Recovery” workout. After doing that workout, my training load drops to zero and I go from four stars to zero. I have to reset my Progression to get anything to go back to somewhat normal, an even then, I can’t seem to get it back right. For instance, this just happened a few days ago and after recalculating my progression, it dropped my FTP by 8 watts. I get my four stars back, but I have to manually adjust my FTP back up to where it was. It would seem that since the introduction of the planned activities (and I’m sure the many other changes that coincided with that push), that there has been a good bit of instability introduced. It’s unfortunate and I hope they can get a handle on the gremlins that have been introduced.

Thanks for your patience, guys. Greg we implemented a fix. Your last activity didn’t finish processing so this fix should address this. Kevin, we’re actively fighting all these gremlins and promise to sort them out. There has been quite a bit of complexity added with the new planner but we do promise to continue to hunt down any bug and get everything to work without issue. Many of the issues have been addressed and will work their way out. If you still see any issues like you describe, please do not hesitate to send an email to so that we can identify and resolve.

The fix did something, but I don’t think it fixed it. :slight_smile: Now I have no “Training Status & Form” at all, and my Progression Chart never appears - the “in progress” rotating dot circle just loops forever. And when I try to view the new Fitness Planner it seems to appear OK at first, but then my browser gives me an error, “DataTables warning: table id=activities - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

I do get the Period Statistics and I can view my Activities.

I first noticed this about 24 hours ago, and though it might be my Internet connection or something, but it seems persistent now.

No rush on fixing it. It’s my offseason, fortunately. Just reporting issues.

Ha, nevermind, I just fixed it. I found an upload from Zwift that indicated zero time even though it had about an hour of data. So we can blame Zwift. That’s what I get for combining two new technologies. :). Everything appears correctly now, except I’m back to my original issue of untrained/very tired.

…I would suggest an Activity sanity-checker for synced workouts though to prevent other sources from contaminating your databases.

Try removing your Oct 10th activity and syncing it back in. Use the Activity Table to remove it.

Good suggestion.

Ha, I just removed it while you were writing that. :slight_smile:

Still there?


…ahh Fitness/Form is back! Thanks!