Problems with Training Status & Form / Workouts

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I too, find that “Training Status & Form” are behaving strange. After todays ride, another breakthrough, PP HIE TP all went up. My TP went up from 171 Watts yesterday to 180 Watts today. But yet, according to the stars in the calendar, from today on, I am untrained. What is strange too, my ramp rate and the XSS/day are blue instead of green.

Oh, and the weekly focus has changed too, it showed till yesterday, for the past 2 and this week, “triathlete”, now is Sprint Time Trialist, GC Specialist and Rouleur.

Joseph, were you working in the calendar when your Garmin Actiivty appeared?

No. When I opened the Xertonline site, Garmin activity was already there. I did delete a future Workout afterwords, just to see if the stars would appear.

Hi. I have problems with my training status and form. On my activities and training tab it says i am tired but in the calendar tab it says I’m fresh. The calendar is right as i did my workout yesterday, please can you help me with that.

The activities/training tabs will show your current status, while the trainer tab (and each star in the calendar) displays the training status using the AS OF time, which is defaulted to 11:59pm by default. In other words, the planner is telling you that you’re red now, but will be fresh by midnight (so you’ll be fresh for a ride tomorrow). Note that the calendar freshness is also sensitive to any planned activities that are in your fitness planner.