Preparing for a long flat ride or a ride in the mountains

How does Xert AI takes in consideration if yuo are preparing for different types of ride? PE: a flat ride or a ride in the mountains

There are selections you can make in the Forecast AI set up guide. What type of event are you looking to do?

I’m preparing for a gran fondo in may. 120 km nd 1800 elevation meters.
I think that the the trainingplan for such a ride must be different than the preparation for a long flat ride.
But how can I indicate it?

What happens when you run the FAI Setup Guide with your target information and estimated hours?

That is what I’m looking for!! But where can I get access this in the program ??? (probably a very stupid question but I don’t find it …)

If on a PC/laptop/tablet the Forecast AI Beta button is in top right of the XO home page.
If you are using a phone, you’ll need to select the hamburger menu icon in upper right.

Please … where

Perhaps a Firefox issue but what happens when you remove (X) the Google bar in upper right?


Top of XO page should look like this –

Found it!! Thanks!!