Pre event training recommendation issue

The day before a planned event the recommended training was Threshold 63x50 at 100%!!!
My event is a cross race and this would place my legs in a deep hole as tomorrow is the race date!!!
Seems like there is a major flaw in suggesting appropriate workouts!!! Openers are what I will be doing not a 2 hour interval session!!! Makes me think I should be looking for another platform!

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Hi Dave,

Check out our support article here (Training Right For Your Event – Xert) that discusses using Xert to prepare for your event, as well as what the system is doing. The section ‘Perfecting Your Taper’ explains how you can use Xert to arrive ready to race on your Event Date!

As a side note, we have some big changes in the works that will address this aspect of training & preparing for an event :smiley:

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More to come on this topic. :wink:

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When? It still works this way. Day before my event and it suggested 90 minutes of high intensity work. No thanks.

Have you tried XFAI? It handles tapering.