Poorman's Training Camp

I’m presently in the build phase of a plan that will culminate on April 30 at the P2A Gravel Championships. I have chosen Moderate 2 to suit the hours I think I can manage while NOT being a pro-cyclist. However, I am planning on putting myself through a mini training camp on the March Break–13th to 17th–here in Ontario, and I predict I’ll be riding about twice as much as the expectations for my IR. To be clear, given the weather here, it probably just means twice as much Zwift and a few outdoor sessions, conditions permitting.
My question then is, what should I do about my improvement rate? Should I change anything? Take a recovery week afterwards? I’m a relative noob here, so please don’t be worried about using small words :wink:

I am also new, but I think the safest way it is add more hours around LTP and follow XATA recommendations. You will need to increase the IR.


You can modify IR to reflect that change as it occurs or ignore the fact the needle is going to jump ahead for the week then settle back to normal a week+ afterwards when you resume your normal hours.
XATA operates on a 7-day moving window and reflects what you have done in recent past. You need to factor that into your interpretation of XSS deficit/surplus numbers and needle position. Changes in a weekly pattern aren’t fully reflected until 7+ days later.
As for a recovery week, take one as needed based upon how you feel from the jump in TL.
It may only require an extra rest day or two relative to high/peak strain incurred.


When it comes to training camps… ride as much as you want to/can! :smiley:

As @ridgerider2 mentions, you’ll probably see your training pacer needle jump ahead during that week (even if you increase your IR). And it will probably drop down behind the following week (you may want to decrease your IR the following week - that’s totally normal.


or try doing Strava’s Festive 500 anytime during the year

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