i have been training with xert for about 8 months. however it seem that over the past 3 months i have hit a plateau and cant seem to shake it off(not a very high plateau fitness wise)
any ideas of what i can do to shake this plateu off ?
thank you

Are you able to post your XPMC chart? That might shed some light.

hope you can spot something from this

Training Load and fitness (your signature) are very much tied so if your black TL line is flat (plateau), your fitness is likely in a plateau as well.

The plateau could be from simply running out of available time to ride or perhaps not putting in enough intensity during the hours you have to ride. For most people, time is the limiter and in order to break out of a plateau, you simply need more time in the saddle. This is the most basic change. There are other changes you can make but they will likely affect things like your ability to perform and perhaps go harder more frequently. This in effect also allows Training Loads to increase, thus increasing your fitness.

If you can find a day or two each week to ride longer rides (200+ XSS) you’ll likely see some additional gains come more readily and without much suffering.

thank you, I just had some exams which has really limited my time to ride as well as recovery ,hope to be able to put some more time in to be able to get some more fitness