Planner sync doubles the workout

Hi all,

I am syncing connect to strava and xert. So when I plan a workout, the xert player on garmin picks up the new selected workout, I do the workout, stuff syncs, but the planned and synced double up; i.e. there is a synced ride and a planned one leaving me having to erase the planned one.

Any ideas?


Not sure where you’re seeing this duplication, but there is a toggle to ‘hide planned activities’ in the activities table, and one to ‘hide future activities’ in the XPMC.

Also, planned rides disappear altogether after the planned workout date and time, so it should only be a temporary thing? May have misunderstood your issue though.

As @ridgerider2 suggests, best is Garmin to Xert, Xert to Strava for outdoor rides and Garmin driven workouts.

Having a planned and a synced workout on the same day throws off all the future calculations then while both are there. If you look at the planner for the next day it assumes that both workouts are/will be completed… i.e. I get XSS of like 500 looking at the status for the next day while both are there.

So the question is, what does it take for Xert to recognize an uploaded workout as the planned one and flow accordingly instead of stacking them.

I asked a buddy and he doesn’t seem to have that problem.

Ok, will leave to the Xert team to comment on that specific question :slight_smile:
Practically though, if you wait till after the ‘usual activity time’, does it disappear automatically? And does your usual activity time match when you typically ride, or is your schedule more variable / you don’t really have one? That could be a workaround.
Personally, I hardly use the planner anymore (other than kind of ‘what if’ analysis from time to time); I just pick a workout when I have time.
In the past, when I did plan an activity, it disappeared after the usual activity time, so combined with just picking a workout on the day, it wasn’t an issue… if that’s not working for you, it maybe one for the support team (via email)

cool thanks man, yeah, super variable with when I ride.
Otherwise, I been using xert for 2.5 years and never actually sticking to a training plan.
I use the planner in the same way, never plan ahead for more than a day or just to do the same kind of approach as you.

Just trying to fully understand the feature suite I guess.

Ok I get it now. Completely missed the time at the top to set when I actually do the workout. I guess they don’t every sync up with the actual uploaded workout. They just disappear at the appropriate time (whiiuch is editable) … DOH

Correct! They disappear after the planned start time. We dont attempt to do any planned vs. actual matching at this time