Best way to sync Connect - Strava - Xert

What is the best way to set up Xert syncing with Strava and / or Garmin Connect?

I use Garmin devices witch send ride info to Garmin Connect witch synchronizes my rides to Strava.

Now I ad Xert but not clear if I should sync Xert with Strava or Garmin connect or both.

If I use both don’t I get the ride double in Xert?

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Garmin to Xert and Xert to Strava. This will add Xert info to your entries on Strava. Drop Garmin to Strava. Doubles are dealt with adequately by both Strava and Xert, but the extra info you get from Xert, including a Google maps image of the spot of your BT, if that happened outdoors, is just cool.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

I don’t use Garmin connect, but from this post seems like the Strava API is better suited to sync with xert

Mainly because it’s a two-way sync, whereas Garmin is (always) one way. So, Xert can only write their additional metrics to Strava, which makes it more interesting.


If you run with your Garmin Fenix, will the sync pass through Xert > Strava without updating the fitness signature ?