Planned Workout Disappears?

Hey Guys,

Super stoked to be trying this program out. On the Fitness Planner, I have put in planned workouts, but when I went to look at my calendar for today’s plan (at 5:00pm), the workout is no longer on the calendar. Am I overlooking a setting to delay the removal until the end of the day? Thanks!

Yes. You can set the workout time (use the little pencil). This defines when it gets selected and expired.

Are we able to set a default workout time? I usually don’t workout at 5:00am, so my day’s activity has expired if I don’t change the time for each workout.

It expires by remains selected until the next workout.

That is great! I’m still seeing the expired workout on the planner after I’ve done the selected workout. (The planned workout becomes a manual entry, and the workout I do shows up separately). Is there something I can do to change this?

Thanks James. That’s something we’ll have to fix. You should delete it for the moment.

Alright, thank you!

Hi Armando, I’m not quite following what you mean about remaining selected. The issue is that the planned workouts are disappearing before the day is over. This defeats the purpose of using the Fitness Planner. With the way it works right now, I need to have a backup copy of my workout schedule somewhere outside the Fitness Planner. Is there a way to make it so the planned workout doesn’t go away until midnight local time?

Thank you!

Pay attention to the time of the workout. That’s when it expires on the day.

Gotcha!! So I just need to schedule planned workouts for midnight to achieve what I’m going for. Thank you!!

Shane, they will also always be in your Tables view - even when expired. So if you don’t get to your workout by the scheduled time, you can always remind yourself of what you had scheduled by looking there.

Sorry to drag this topic back up, but i have a small add-on question, i understand when the workout expires and is no longer selected, this is defined by the workout time you set when you set the workout in your planner. (is this correct?)

My add-on question is, from what time does the workout become the selected workout, is it the workout time set out as described above minus the workout duration?

Within 2 hours of defined start time
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fantastic, thanks for all your help