Plan workouts for the days ahead

When i want to choose a training to do « now » i can choose between a recommended training or choose one myself. If i choose one myself, i can see how well it fits with my actual training needs in the suitability.

If i would like to plan for the days ahead, via the planner i can let xert pick a recommended training, or via the above training tab i can pick a training and the schedule it instead of starting immediately. But the suitability comments on doing it now, not on the suitability on that future date.
How can achieve that.

Eg i am now doing a 2 day rest, so in 2 days i can do a hard workout, how can i browse the hard workouts to select the most fitting one - aside from that one recommended one.

You can actually add workouts from the planner tab by clicking on the day, and it gives you advice / recommendations for that day. On iPad you can ‘long click’ or click then click the + below (for me that’s only visible in portrait, not landscape). Only mentioning iPad as I’m not on laptop right now, so can’t remember steps there eg whether it’s a click or right click or something else…

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Double click on mac, thx! Is exact what i was looking for

Also keep in mind the Activity start time can affect recommendations.
For example, when viewing tomorrow’s options on the Planner the recommended list at 8am will differ from the list for 11:59pm if your As Of time is set to the default.

Tx, i find myself often flipping the as of time for that reason. Would be easier is i could enter a training time (hour) when ona future date and the recommendations would change accordingly versus doing several clicks t o adjust the as of time to my planned training. Some days i train after work, some trainings i plan early in the day. But thx for the recommendation off course!

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I think it works just as you suggest. You open the workout schedule on the day of the planner and then adjust the time to when you want to train and it shows you recommendations for that day at that time.

I did some testing and you are right’ that is great. I used to change the hour and i didnt pick up, but if i then click in some other field, it picks the hour and changes. Learnt some usefull stuff from this thread today, top.

Yup. On a desktop/PC you can tab off the time and the recommended list changes immediately.
On a phone you need to swipe down and tap Show Workouts after changing the time.

Just chiming in on this thread … planning your upcoming workouts/activities should be improved with some of the new features we have on the way :slight_smile:


Is there a roadmap or backlog somewhere to see what’s coming?

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