PC Monitor Resolution/Online Display

Running XERT Online on an older (+12 y) but perfectly fine laptop which I have dedicated for my indoor training. Specs are alright, sw/os is up to date (though win11 is out of reach). The monitor resolution is set at 1920x1080 (max res).
The XERT Online shows only the table and the dials, the workout layout is hidden below and must be scrolled to show. I currently break out the workout layout and adjust it to fit over the Online browser window to follow my progress across the workout.
Q1: Will a higher resolution show the full Online display or is the breakout workaround the only way to do this?
Q2: Is there a way to customise and lock my preferred Online display so it always show in the same way?
(Another workaround would be to leave the laptop powered on as this is the only thing it is used for but for other reasons it is necessary to power it off between sessions)

What browser are you using?
Try F11 fullscreen mode.
You can shrink the browser page with Ctrl-minus but that will also affect the stats table and rainbow gauge. Otherwise, you can break out the components as you have been doing and size those as you wish.
The Session Player has more features and will remember any changes made under Setting such as disable the chat box. You can also break out components but I’m not aware of any way to save the layout in that format.
Example –

Again, I must thank you ridgerider2 for being so helpful.
I use the Chrome browser and I have tried the full screen mode. That only slightly enlarges the items on the screen, the workout layout (what is know as the power chart, I see now) stays hidden.
Re your reply to ADJEV that will work but despite having a working Spotify-account, I really, really would like this window to disappear completely. I am not a podcast person.
I am wondering if the screen area could be used for running videos instead? Being centered it would make sense.
Anyway, I’ll try the session player for tomorrows workout.

For the Remote Player try the Zoom icon in upper right of browser to reduce the % size (or press Ctrl+minus key).
To see the Session Player run in solo mode with a YT video, pick a Session from the recommended list next time instead of a Workout. Sessions include workouts with videos.

You can access a greater variety of solo sessions under main menu, Training, Sessions, Sessions Library. Either scroll the list or use Filter to narrow the choices.

Enjoy the ride. :wink:

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Just ran a short test on your suggestion; this is just what I was looking for, I’ll give it a go with a session for tomorrow night’s training.
Thanks a lot.