How do i remove the spotify window from the remote workout player?

Seems to have been some update where there is a big spotify insert in the middle of the xert remote player screen (image). Id like it to look more like it did before with only stats and numbers from the workout. Is that possible?

Play Now defaults to the Session Player which is an advanced version of the Remote Player with many more features including Spotify and YT video option.
If you prefer you can close the Session Player and view the workout using the Remote Player instead.
Otherwise, I suggest you watch the Group Session tutorial to see what you’ve been missing.
Xert Group Sessions Tutorial - YouTube
Same functions apply to solo sessions when a workout is run with the Session Player.
To see that in action you can select a solo session from the library –
(3) Xert - Sessions (

Note: To use Spotify for listening to podcasts you only need a free Spotify account.

Ah ok. Didint notice the “players” tab in the side menu on the main page. Thanks.

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