Optimal cadence in remote control

When I use xert player with the remote, in the cadence appear three bands, two red and one green, which mean? And which one should I use? Thank you

For the first couple of workouts, try and stay in the gear / cadence that is most comfortable for you. Xert will learn what cadences you prefer and can determine what cadence is best for you at a given power target. Then use the bands to help you see whether you are pedaling too fast or too slow. The green section is best and you should use your gears to stay in the section or as close as possible to it. Most of the time you can feel it while you’re doing the interval but sometimes you may forget or aren’t paying attention. Once Xert has learned your cadence-to-power preferences, you’ll find that the interval target power will feel best when it’s within the green band.

(Btw, an update we’ll be making shortly is to shift the band to the next interval optimal range so that you can prepare for higher-intensity efforts in advance. Right now it’s set at 3 seconds but 10 seconds might be better as it allows you the opportunity to speed up cadence and have the smart trainer adjust resistance prior to the interval change. Looks for this to come out shortly.)

Question of novice, training of recovery in z1, the cadence is normal that it is low? That is, at lower power, lower is cadence?

Lower power and lower cadence will feel better. It is more efficient. Pedal easy means pedal slow not fast.