Not enough maximal effort time?

Not enough maximal effort time? (Only 7 sec during last sprint doc the Zwift race)
Why didn’t I perform a breakout?

I see 5 secs above MPA with an abrupt stop. I.e., not enough to flatline MPA.

Was that a sprint effort where you stopped pedaling at the finish line or was it a true maximal effort where you pushed all the way through to a collapse point?

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You got me - I definitely stopped a couple of meters before the finish line as the next guy was +15 sec beyond me… no need for a deep sprint.

FWIW, Xert may not always provide a BT or extract a new signature for very short, very intense efforts. As one might expect, it’s difficult for any system, Xert included, to take short, supra-maximal sprint efforts & extrapolate backwards to determine your Threshold Power.

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