Noob alert cannot connect Xert IOS to Tunturi E50 Bluettooth


I recently bought a Tunturi E50 Hometrainer (BLE I think) and I managed to connect this trainer to Kinomaps app on my IOS device. However, the Xert app does not recognize any of the sensors on the hometrainer. What is this Noob doing wrong? I also have North Pole Cable bridge.

Thanks for pointing me in right direction.


If you connect your Tunturi correctly with the help of the CABLE, you should be good to go. There was a post earlier today, similar to yours, but someone posted screen dumps. That may help you: Tacx Neo 2t with IOS and Zwift question

Hi Robert,

Thnx for reply. Unfortunately my Hometrainer does not use Ant+ protocol nor Bluetooth FTMS. I’m really stuck as only Iconsole+ and Kinomap work. Both of these apps do not provide option to upload any training file. I’ve sent email to Tunturi on this matter.