Non-cycling Stress

Hi, I’m new to Xert :grinning:, im trying to figure out something.

Twice a week I do strenght training and I like to have a free day, so my week is:

Monday Free
T Strength + 30 min easy run
W Indoor cycling
T Indoor cycling
F Strenght + 30 min easy run
S Outdoor cycling
S Outdoor cycling

Since I don’t sync non-cycling activities XATA thinks I have M, T and F free so I’m always fresh and always on XSS deficit. I used the freshness feedback trying to compensate that and now my freshness is ok but still have XSS deficit so I got recomended this 2-3 hrs “takin’ care of business-like” workouts trying to compensate for XSS deficit, but if I follow that advice it will be more fatigued that I can manage (at least I think so and I also use trainingpeaks that counts all workouts fatigue and it agrees with me). If I adjust the freshness feedback further to mange this, XATA give me more endurance workouts or suggest me a recovery week.

So far i’ve been mixing XATA advice and my experience/common sense trying to not overtrain and still do productive and focused workouts…but XATA is supposed to do that.

So my question is, how should I manage this? should I sync non-cycling activities with HR XSS? Change from moderate 2 to moderate 1 (but XATA will think I can’t manage more workload and recommend easier workouts because of training status)?

Sorry for my english, its not my native language, and thanks in advance for your help.

The main thing to remember is that in Xert, your Training Load is used to predict your future fitness signature. If you add in XSS from some discipline that doesn’t improve your cycling, you’ll inflate your TLs and the system will think you’ re capable of more than you are. Xert is different than other platforms in this respect. XATA works best when you have cycling XSS data in your cycling account.

One way to manage this is to keep multiple profiles and do your workouts by readiness, HRV or feel rather than rely on XATA Training Status colours. If your status is blue but you’re feeling more tired from doing other non-cycling workouts, choose an endurance workout that’s less that 2.5 diamonds. That’s what XATA does when your status is yellow, it gives you a 2.5 diamond (at most) Endurance workout. You can choose the same. If you’re feeling up for a harder, high intensity workout, follow the advice (assuming your status is blue or green) and do something with more intensity.

If you are doing other workouts that affect your ability to maintain your improvement rate, you should reduce it so that you are not in a deficit that can be closed with cycling. You shouldn’t close deficits with non-cycling activities.