No power data in Garmin file

So I did Xert Fitness Signature Test on my 520, bled badly to get a breakthrough … and now … no power data in the file uploaded. Why is this and how do I fix it?

(I knew I should’ve been running Zwift as a backup to record data … can kick myself for not doing it. My fault really, I guess, knowing how temperamental Xert is).

HI Aiden. Can you send an email to describing specifically what you did. We have not experienced this problem and haven’t had any reports with the 520 about workouts not getting saved by the Garmin. (We use the Garmin workout feature embedded in software so it may be something we will need Garmin’s help with).

I’ve been trying Xert today (and love this concept) but have suffered a similar problem on my Garmin 520 and Tacx Neo. The Xert player was showing power, cadence and speed but not controlling the resistance. I stopped that session then follow the instructions properly and disabled the NEO from the main Garmin sensor menu and then selected it from within the Xert Player. Then I got resistence control and power display but not showing any speed or cadence. I kept going for the full hour session and finished the workout, saved it and Garmin Connect, Strava and Xert show the session but all say there is no power data.


I was trying my 520 head unit instead of my iOS as that can’t control the NEO (it is controlled from Trainer Road on the iPhone so pure software limitation at present rather than Hardware). At the moment I’m struggling to find a good combination of tech that records everything faithfully and controls the NEOs resistence.

After a good few emails and troubleshooting with Support today, it seems like it’s an issue with Strava not reading the Xert specific power field in the file. The solution for me, suggested by Support, is to do delete the empty activities in Xert Dashboard and then do a direct file upload of the .fit file that are on the Garmin.

If you setup Garmin Connect rather than obtain the activity from Strava, it should have the power data there for Xert to analyze.

Garmin Connect is stating there is no power data, the only data connected by my 502 was elevation and temperature (according to the garmin connect app on my iPhone that my 502 synced with).

Same happened to me. Now I if I upload the .fit file from the 520 directly to Xert it all shows.

ok, I’ll take a look and see if I take the file directly that will resolve the problem - but this would be a workaround, not really a solution.

So from Garmin Connect website I was able to see that Target Power, Trainer Power and MPA data is there. I exported that FIT file and imported to Xert.

Thanks, a step in the right direction.

What is the best way to get Tacx NEO to follow workout from Xert, capture cadence, power, distance (that one is indicative distance really) etc and provide those to Strava and Xert? Obviously moving files manually is not the right way.

I have options available to me from 520 Garmin, Mac with ANT+ dongle, ANT+ dongle for iPad (my Iphone 8 no longer accepts it for some reason) and iPhone 8 with BT.

Currently I have Garmin Connect connecting with Strava and Xert pulling from Strava.

Dean, your best bet is to setup the 520 with your Neo and use the Xert Player. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support cadence from the Neo. You’d need a separate cadence sensor for that. Speed and power should be captured from the unit. Distance is calculated from speed. (Note that Xert uses your power data for analysis and does not require speed, distance or cadence for fitness determination.)

I can cope without cadence but I’m not getting speed or power shipped automatically out of Garmin (via G Connect) to Strava and then into Xert beyond the manual movement of FIT files exported out of Garmin Connect.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t record power, distance and speed and save it as regular data. They are saved as developer fields which is a Garmin ConnectIQ thing. Xert Online will read this data (doesn’t need to be uploaded. If you setup Garmin Connect on Xert, Garmin will send it to us automatically) and will analyse it and show it as regular data. If you need to have that data stored as regular data for other applications you will need to record it separately from our Xert Player app at the moment. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks Armando. I hadn’t seen a direct Xert <-> Garmin Connect sync feature, I’ll go look. Still want to get the other data into strava, I’ll see what other apps I can use to collect the other metrics.

Rather than start a new topic I thought it would be best to bump this one, I am having the same issues where Strava does not show the power data so I have done as suggested and linked my Garmin account.
That worked fine however the Garmin import was picked up as a duplicate so my activities was not updated as it already existed form the Strava import (which makes sense).
I deleted the activity and re sync’d but it was the Strava activity that came in again.

Not sure how to get the data in from Garmin? To be honest I am more interested in ensuring it will work for future activities than getting todays activity to show.

I think since 2018 there shouldn’t be an issue if you connect your trainer to the garmin correctly I.e. within the Xert garmin app… (and not on your garmin via the main settings/sensors menu)? I see power when I run a workout using the Xert Garmin player

To avoid the duplication issue in your question though, you can change the Strava sync to only be one-way: from Xert to Strava. Then your garmin activities will go to Xert first and then from there to Strava.

thanks, I have changed my Strava settings and will see how that goes.

I may have got it wrong re Garmin app set up as it depends whether you have a separate power meter or not… I do, so don’t connect the trainer directly, just within the app… all explained in the guide: