New Updates!

Just rolled out some pretty important changes:

  1. New Event Readiness - you’ll get a plan now for events that were not achievable previously
  2. Max Weekly Hours - you can specify the number of weekly hours you would like to limit things to
  3. Breakthroughs get applied correctly to forecast targets
  4. TP won’t drop when you train for an event
  5. Many improvements to Adapt Forecast - better first pass, new second pass, re-forecasts automatically
  6. Improvements to Autogen
  7. Autogen now on the planner (look for the :sparkles: icon :smile: )
  8. Other small UI improvements that help usability


I am just now coming out of my shell from Covid and have missed a few weeks of conversation. This is very nice looking update - I think I have ran into an issue though.

If I follow the setup the forcast is giving me virtually no increases across the board for an event that is almost 120-days out.

Before when I punched in the perimeters and the estimated XSS (previous update to today) it would give me at-least a 10-12TP bump.

Should I just trust this is correct and wait to see how BT affects the plan moving forward?

Looking at the bottom of the page - you basically already have the fitness needed - in terms of training load - to finish a ~2h gravel race.

If you’d like to see a larger increase in your fitness (training load or signature), you can:

  1. Try increasing the duration of the event, which will increase your target Training Loads OR
  2. Probably the better option would be to use the GOAL option to increase your Breakaway Specialist Focus Power (5 min power).
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With 8 hours a week, you are limited to reaching about 50 overall Training Load. You can easily complete a 2 hour race with just 40 Training Load in this case. If you want to be stronger during the race, you can either switch to using a goal or increase the event demands by upping the Duration. This will increase the amount of training you’ll need and improve your readiness for the shorter race (although it’s not going to tell you that directly, unfortunately).

Thanks guys! I will play with it some more to see what I get - historically speaking I know for a fact from years of data to be at the pointy end of the race you need to achieve around a average power of around 250 for 2hrs to stay connected (at my weight) so the low TP threw a flag for me.

Yay! Looks great so far.

What does this pink bar on planner indicate?


I fear I am too blind, where exactly can I find that?

Mouseover icon next to the Choose Training icon.


My planner is in contineous mode, so that looks different.
Or should the AI workout generator only work from the planner if in forecast mode? Else it’s only available from the training tab?
What could be the rationale of such distinction?

Indicates that the selected workout/activity is close, but doesn’t quite match the forecasted XSS target(s). In these cases, the circle will display as orange.

Only for the ForecastAI training plan - at least for now.

Nice update. I can’t get and event AI plan to work out the way I want it. It is probably me though. I know what signature I am shooting for based on previous racing seasons. I switched to a goal AI plan and it gets me where I want to be within a reasonable tolerance.

Adapting the plan after changing my workout schedule is working flawlessly now. I couldn’t get it to work correctly previously.

I am back on the AI plan and I am optimistic it will go well. It is great that you released this during what is typically base training in the northern hemisphere. There is lots of time for adjustments before getting to more specific training.

Nice job!


These are excellent changes, well done team.

@xertedbrain I see the GoalsRun Forecast AI button is snow grayed out after the new version, and I cannot regenerate the plan. After some more testing I found that I have to reduce my watt 20 min power target from 330 W to 290 W to make it possible to click the button.

Then after some more testing I see you have added a settings which limits the riding to 8 hours a week. Would be nice if you set the default to the max for existing users of Forecast AI instead, instead of only 8 hours.

You should probably also display an error message telling why the target focus power is red and the run forecast AI is disabled.

I’m very excited with all of this. Thank you Xert team.

Only today, reading the post above, I understood that the event goal will only “give you” fitness to complete the event.


  1. Make this more clear from the onset. Most people that go for an event know that they are not overreaching. So this is kinda redundant in my opinion.
  2. Put an option on how hard you want to go.

I think moving forward, most users will set their max weekly hours in the set up guide but, yes, having it default to the user’s recent max is a good idea in case they don’t use the set up guide first time.

We’re thinking of allowing the user to run the forecast in the Goals panel even if it’s likely not to complete successfully.

There’s a tough balance of when to restrict choices before Forecast AI runs and make sure it’s more likly to run successfully or to let the user make more choices and then perhaps get an unachievable plan or one that has more weekly hours. Until Forecast AI runs, we can only estimate the results. If we knew for sure beforehand, Forecast AI wouldn’t need to run. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question for those following, are you ok if we rename the “Goals” link on the right side to “Program”. There’s a bit of possible confusion with the Target Goal used in Forecast AI. Thanks.


I think that is a very smart move for new users coming into Xert who are learning. It makes more sense to have it named program to indicate to these user that this is where you go when you adjust your feedback and plan.

Once in “program” maybe change “settings” to “Plan Feedback”

While on the subject, I would like to pitch the idea of you having (3) settings under the “program” tab. One will be “normal” where everything iis normal. Two will be “sick” where it basically tells the system you are not going to be working out (and placebo to the user) and then a Third that says “sick recovery” where it basically just takes your plan and cuts the perimeters by 60% (or maybe a 7-day ramp up)?

I just got over covid and would have loved to had a sick recovery option where it basically just cut intensity until I was feeling better enough to switch it back to normal.

I don’t know of any training system that offers a simple switch like that.

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If you’re sick, you should probably not be training. A recovery from sickness/injury could be useful but there would need to be a lot of “it depends” variables and settings. Some affect signatures. Other training intensities. Others training volume. Would be useful but difficult to make work generally.


It does depend - I followed this protocol and it worked well for me and from understanding had a lot of research behind it.

My intention or statement was not to train “while” sick but to tell the system that your leaving for a while (which maybe doesn’t matter?). A “sick recovery” and “normal” would be cool, if it could be done logistically. I have (2) small children and my entire life prior to them I never got sick - it seems to happen way to often now.

It was an idea, I wasn’t sure if there was a way to tell the system when in “sick recovery” mode to say okay we think you needed this originally - so we are doing 70% of intensity but these lower durations of time for this amount of days and Xert just plots it. The signature will obviously drop but its a good way to come back into sports.

I think the cat’s out of the bag on that one. :smile_cat:
Too many Xert docs and especially discussions use “Goals” as a menu reference.
Find/replace in docs would be a tedious endeavor and not possible to do on the forum.

AFA sickness goes, how about a Pause Training option? Might be illness or injury related, family issue, etc.
Pause Training button could change to Resume Training. When resuming prompt to recast FAI based on decayed signature and lower TL. Or force a recast if too many days have elapsed?

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