New Planner - What the Deuce - no drag and drop? No favorites?

I got all excited when I saw the planner was upgraded. And at first glance I thought “wow, this looks cool!”

Except it got rid of all the things I liked about it. I can’t drag and drop workouts around to schedule. I don’t have favorites or past activities on the left that I can drag and drop. And it’s hard to see the larger scope of my plans and what my fitness is doing.

This is not an improvement. Am I totally missing something?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. This is the first debut of a totally redesigned fitness planner! We can certainly look to introduce additional functionality moving forward.

All the visuals of the old planner should still be there - Training Status over time, customizable Weekly Stats, Weather Forecast for upcoming days, etc.


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Sounds like a restoration of previously existing features is the request.

I agree. I use drag & drop for planning my own sessions on a daily basis. The loss of this functionality effectively means Xert doesn’t do what I want it to do & so is a step-back. Also, I can’t find how to adjust settings to give temp in Deg C or to change from Km to Miles.


I use drag & drop for planning my own sessions on a daily basis. The loss of this functionality effectively means Xert doesn’t do what I want it to do & so is a step-back. Also, I can’t find how to adjust settings to give temp in Deg C or to change from Km to Miles. So far - a retrograde step, and this isn’t ‘introducing additional functionality’ - it would be restoring one we already had. So far - NOT impressed! If my issues aren’t resolved, and very quickly, my subscription will not be renewed.


Yes same here. We use Celcius here in the UK. I’ve no idea how hot or cold 43F feels. We stopped using Fahrenheit here in the UK back in 1962. And as you say it show km’s even though I have “Imperial” selected as my unit of neasure. We need the option to use Celcius and Miles. Plus the Xert EBC android app still shows Speed (km/h) when viewing a previous ride/workout. I flagged this abut a year ago and was told it would be fixed but still hasn’t. We also need the drag and drop and Favourites re-instated. Thanks

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Hi @ManofSteele , I’d ‘upvote’ the desire to see drag and drop come back. Another one for me would be having the option to show ‘Target Focus’ for the week.

It should have drag and drop with the choice to move or copy. It’s pretty useless as a planer without this functionality.


Planner is still utterly useless.

  1. Status goes directly from Very Tired to Fresh with no intervening statuses. Dumb.
  2. Clicking “+” on a calendar day pops up a window that cannot be used: current date and time are blank, status doesn’t appear at all–it just sits there saying “Loading…” all afternoon. And it’s still impossible to tell what “Plan a Ride” means vs “Plan a Workout” vs “Plan Other Activity”–they sure don’t take you to the right window when clicked.
  3. Planner gives no hint about current TP? Really???
  4. Oh yeah, no drag and drop. Good grief.


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I think the planner is great. As soon as they reintroduce the favourites and drag and drop it will be an excellent improvement.

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  1. Has always worked that way depending on path from low strain versus high/peak recovery load. Makes sense once you grasp how form calculations work.
    Note red to blue on chart shown here: Training Status and Form – Xert (
    You can adjust gradient response by using the Recovery Demands slider under Goals, Settings. For example, shift to the right (more recovery), Save, and note the differences on the Planner. More yellow will be inserted depending on your TL status and the activity’s analysis (low/high/peak strain, difficulty, XSS).
    You are essentially adjusting your starting position on the Freshness Status Chart. For several reasons why that may be needed see: Recovery Demands – Xert (

  2. Have not seen this issue. What device/OS are you accessing XO with?
    Sounds like an issue reading your account data. If problem occurs on multiple devices you should file a support request.

  3. The Planner tab clears the signature header in order to expand the calendar view. Header info is available on any other tab. How would one use TP with respect to the Planner?

  4. Popular request. :wink: In meantime time Plan a Ride or Plan a Workout can list only favorites or liked activies similar to the old Planner. Once issue #2 is resolved you can use this feature. Not drag and drop certainly, but a quick way to add workouts or rides to the Planner when you have no intention of using XATA recommendations (Plan My Training).

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I feel like this is unusable without drag and drop. E.g. if I want to swap sessions on two days, I have to delete both and add them anew. :frowning:

Also I liked the month view better, so there should at least be an option for this view.

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You might be the first biker in the world who needs to be reminded of his current TP :wink:
But well, just enable it in the calendar settings:

What do you think should happen instead in case your low & high energy system recover simultaneousely?


You can add the TP to the Planner with the Settings Tab, in the Planner - along with many other data fields.

I played a bit with the planner now and populated a few future activities. As you see, the Training Status bar is blue for all three days. So it looks like I could do some more training, right?

But what happens if you try to add a new activity after you have completed one of these activities? Based on the Training Status bar it should be possible to add one more activity, right?

In this case the Training Status is actually red from right after the start of the activity at 14:24 to 18:37 the same day.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Training Status (currently) is just evaluated at midnight, and all the transitions are just interpolations. So if your Training Status becomes blue again before midnight, the full day will be shown as blue instead of being red right after your workout started and a bit later that day.

(The issue is reported to support btw).

Edit: Looks like the status is evaluated two times a day (or maybe more?), but this is often not enough to get the correct picture.