New planner colors - AI forecast

Seeing this pink color now on side of planned activity


Assuming it goes together with the pink here?

Guessing this means I broke the plan and should reforecast/adapt?

(One of my pet peeves with XERT is the various colors that are used. All data fields I look at have a mysterious color that means something. Wish someone had some kind of cheat card that lays out what the colors for each data field means)

Did you ever get an answer? Seeing a lot of it crop up in my plan now.

We’ll be providing more guidance on the magenta bars and when Adapt Forecast should run after we make some improvements first.


Been seeing a lot of magenta in my planner lately. Not sure how to understand it and I’m leaving it alone for now, but if it is meaning that it broke some kind of constraint, is there a way to automatically increase the target at the end if that’s now achievable because of actual training done?

Doesn’t change much, if at all, by hitting Adapt

Refresh the browser to ensure you aren’t viewing cached content on the Training tab or Planner.
You can also run Forecast AI again to confirm the plan continues to fit within your tightly defined weekly schedule.

I did a clean and refresh, getting the same thing

Would be helpful to understand what is actually breaking, am I ahead of plan and now can’t fit into the constraints of the end of the plan. Is it something else?

I ran the forecast again - I get this:

Save and schedule it, and now this on the training page:

We’re aware of this issue and it will get resolved shortly. As per your comment, you can just keep running the plan as is for now.

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Your forecast plan is incredibly structured.
Mine is all over the place.

It will depend how tightly you define Availability.
For example, fixed duration weekdays, Mondays off, flex weekends.

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Very nice.
Every day is flex for me, using adviser for time and duration.

I’m aware it looks at my last 7 or so days, but I’ve just come back from a break so may need to recreate in a few weeks.

Exactly, I have a fixed one hour daily and a 2-hour Flex on Sundays with Saturday’s always off. I actually don’t ride to 2 hours on Sunday but I set the planner that way so I get a higher xss Target that I can usually complete in 90 minutes instead.

Only thing I’d really like to see added was fixed days for HIIT, example I’d like to do my high intensity workouts on Sundays and Wednesdays for example and plan around that. Right now I constantly have to re forecast after I do the actual work.

I intend to run this until outdoor season starts, then I will expand the Sunday availability some more, to be ready for a two day century event in August

Is it already clear what magenta/pink means and why it is there and what it is trying to say?

We’re working on improving the appearance and resolution of the magenta bars / Adapt Forecast indicator so keep an eye open for a coming update.