Magenta Days

A magenta bar means a “broken constraint” and generally it means that you need to Adapt Forecast. This should make the magenta bar go away ideally. If there are a lot of magenta bars, it would be advisable to Adapt Forect.

If you’re curious about what this can mean, check out this chart as an example:

Here there is just one magenta day. If you zoom in, enable Form on the legend and the mouse over you can get a clue what the broken constraint is:

My peak recovery days is 3.1 and I have Polarization Level set to 75:25 (3 to 1) so this means that there is a broken constraint. It’s not a big problem though because my next High Intensity training 4 days away.

Most often a broken constraint is just having a High Intensity day scheduled when your status is yellow. This means you overcooked a training ride in the past so this affected your ability to do the high intensity training.


So on that basis it would appear that I’m breaking the constraints on a weekly basis, I guess due to the start of the program being endurance focussed my usual 4 hour ride (weather permitting) on Saturdays wasnt causing too much of an issue, but looking at the higher intensity being introduced it’s going to start causing me issues, for example this week high intensity on a Friday followed by 4 hour endurance Saturday and High again on Sunday.
I intend to shuffle these around manually this week, to make it more manageable, but it also seems to keep forecasting progressively longer Saturday rides despite re-running the FAI, am I doing something wrong?

Are you using Flex or Fixed for days with Availability defined?

My schedules quite rigid as to when I can fit my training around work, family etc. so all fixed, the slight creep on the saturday 4 hours isn’t an issue as Saturday is “bike day” :slight_smile:

The latest update will now show a magenta outline around the XSS matchstick for any day(s) that violate rules - such as longer than usual activity time, HIIT when yellow status, training when red status, etc. :slight_smile:

Few more UI updates on this! :partying_face: Hovering over a magenta day in your forecast will provide text warnings showing which constraint(s) is/are broken on a particular day so you can make an informed decision about your training!

Side note: if you have any broken constraints in your training program, the ‘Adapt Forecast’ button will glow red!

Here’s an example below:

Likely the most common issue is that the ‘estimated training time is more than your availability’ - in this case, adapting the forecast might be able to arrange the XSS into other days such that the total training still fits in your availability. If that doesn’t work, you may need to either increase your availability to get the training in (if possible) or marginally decrease your training goals, if you’re hard capped on time.

Another common issue is that high-intensity is scheduled when your training status is yellow (high or peak). This can happen if you go a bit harder than expected on a particular day & you’re not recovered in the ~4 days that you have by default with the 80:20 training polarization. You can either consider continuing with the training (if you’re feeling up to it), or you can adapting the forecast and the optimizer will reschedule high-intensity training once your training status returns to blue status :slight_smile:

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