New Android Beta App has me beaten

I thought I would give the new Android beta a go on my phone. I have a new samsung and just struggled to get the settings correct. I’m obviously doing something wrong as my speed was 190mph.

I have a stages right hand 3rd gen power meter and an elite smart trainer. Theres just so many settings! There appears to also be "powematch on both the power meter connection and the smart trainer setting. I’m totally confused as to what should be enabled and what should be disabled. My phone also has ant+ so there were loads of those settings available too.

Bamboozled I am :worried:

obviously powermatch on on trainer (power off) and power on on pm (powermatch off).

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I’ll try that thanks. Will that help with my speed showing 190mph?

Disable speed from your trainer, since trainer speed if irrelevant in ERG mode.
Instead, enable speed from the ‘Speed from Power’ sensor. It should give much more realistic values.


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Many thanks :+1:

Once the new app is out and all functionality and UI changes are made, we plan to make a video showing how to get the app set up/check settings & pair sensors, as well as how to run a workout.

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Sounds good and thanks Scott. Loving Xert by the way.

I’m just curious, why do we need the speed from power additional option?

Basically because speed from trainer is irrelevant, since it only matters what gear you’re in while doing your training. For example, I could do an ERG workout at 25W, but have my bike in the highest gear, which would let me easily do 40+ kph at 25W.

Speed from power is meant to be more representative of how far you would’ve gone outdoors, based on your power output. Hope that makes sense

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Sort of makes sense. I understand the speed by gear selection on the trainer. I have speed selected for my pm so I dont need to enable the speed from power setting?

Not sure if it works that way, to be honest (I haven’t tested it). I would un-pair speed from your PM and enable speed from Power. We’re working on a sensor configuration screen that is FAR more intuitive (similar to the iOS app), stay tuned!

I’m pretty sure I tried that and got 190mph.

Test it again. If you’re still encountering difficulties, kindly drop a note with our support team including screenshots of your sensor setup. Someone will be happy to help you there.

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Thanks and will try it out tomorrow.

I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to get the thing to work and have to give up on it.

It’s just overly complicated. It needs to be like the TR app which just works perfectly and is simple to set up.

Every time I set the power and powermatch up as you advised it would flick it back again automatically when I went to the workout mode.

I just tried setting it up again but again no luck. It just seems so complicated as there are like 7 different on/off options within both the BT smart trainer and the BT power meter setting.

I ended up having to download the zwo file and ride it on zwift.

If your phone has ANT+ and all your sensors are ANT+, I’d stick with that and ignore any BT options.
I use ANT+ for everything except cadence/speed sensor but only because it’s an old Polar set that is BT only.

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It does thanks and so does my pm and trainer. I’ll give that a go cheers.

Well I tried using the ant+ connections of my mobile phone. It all seemed to connect and started off okay. Even the speed seemed correct. However after just a couple of minutes I started getting power reading drop outs. It would just drop to 0w on the app and stay at 0w for about 5 to 10 seconds even though i was still pedalling and could feel the watts remain pretty constant. Not a great experience.

I ended up having to download the zwo file and riding it on zwift again.