Multiple events


I’m training for a 3 stages event (~100km, ~116km, ~110km, all of them hilly) and I set the first stage as my target date on Xert, until know all is fine, it’s been a great experience for now.

I’ve been invited to a 2 days not competitive but hard (for me) event (~200km w/2000m alt, each day :neutral_face:) that is 2 week before my target event.

Is there a way to tell Xert adaptative training that I want to add that “B” event? So I can get advice to adjust my training that week and then rest/taper for my “A” event?

If there isn’t, how can I manage that? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english (not my native language).

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Hi Diego!

Great question. At the moment, Xert doesn’t allow multiple different events. We are working on some stuff that will help with multiple-event schedules in the future…

For now, there are a couple of ways to address this:

  1. Likely the ‘best’ option: Keep your Target Event Date for your main/A event but moderately decrease your Improvement Rate (maybe to Slow) leading into your 2-day event.
  2. The lesser option: Switch your Target Event to your 2-day B event. After completing the event, switch the event date back to your Main event
  3. Probably the lest ideal option: Switch TED to your 2-day B event. Switch to Continuous Improvement After the event is over to train into your A event (reducing IR to ‘taper’ the week before your event).

Thanks! Great ideas!